What is Craft Beer?

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When trying to define craft beer, every beer lover has a unique interpretation and story of discovery to share. To make a craft beer definition even more difficult, each individual beer brand is one of a kind. 


Most beers found in Singapore's supermarket are mass-produced lager beers that we collectively call 'commercial beers'. This includes local champions such as Tiger, Heineken, Carlsberg, as well as the imported ones like Asahi, Singha, Stella Artois, Budweiser, Tsingtao, Taiwan Beer and so on. They typically brew only one type of beer (lager) that is mass-produced in large brewing plants owned by multinational corporations. To suit most palates, commercial beers are usually very light in body and has a bland taste or an unpleasant aroma. Many of them also use substitutes, preservatives and lesser ingredients in their recipes, which explains why they are very cheap to produce.

Unlike those mega-brewery corporations, craft beers are hand-brewed in small quantities by brewers who are passionate about making great-tasting beers. These craft brewers put a lot of effort, creativity and emphasis on flavour and quality, by choosing only the best, freshest natural ingredients and adding no adjuncts, no additives, and no preservatives. To put it simply, craft beers are delicious beers with distinctive characters, flavours and aroma. 

Here's a short documentary (or shall we call it, a hopumentary) on craft beer:


Most people choose to drink craft beer simply because... it just taste better! 

Craft beer also offers more choices and flavours so you always have something new to try. People who choose craft beer simply choose to drink quality over quantity. Craft beer is not a chug chug and get drunk kind of drink, they also great conversation starters. And best of all, especially for food-loving Singaporeans, craft beer goes really great with food! 

As more people discover better beers, the craft beer revolution is well underway in Singapore. And soon you will discover, once you go craft, you never go back. 


Commercial beers have been put in the hands of the average drinker by admen, mega-corporation, snake oil salesman and people who promises all yet delivers nothing, by people who focuses on how much they're selling instead of what they're selling. But not anymore.

Craft brewers are people who love craft beer and are passionate about brewing great quality beers, beers with character, beers that are innovative. They invest more in the ingredients of the beer rather than in the advertising fund for the beer. They are hard-working, innovative risk-takers. They are not afraid to brew their beer to be more interesting rather than less. They are the heart and soul of the craft beer industry, the forefront of the craft beer revolution. 

"We don't chase after trends, we create them". Hear their voices here:


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