Tasting Craft Beer

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The coolest thing about tasting craft beer is the awe and discovery you get (or see on people's faces) because it's a different experience and something you have never tasted before. Every beer from the different brands and different styles is unique in character and flavour. 


Step 1 Observe the appearance of the beer
Step 2 Smell the aroma of the beer
Step 3 Taste the flavor and mouth-feel of the beer


You wouldn't want to drink your wine straight out of the bottle, so why not show craft beer the same respect. Craft beers are best enjoyed out of a glass as this ensures that carbonation of the beer would heighten the aroma and give you the full craft beer experience.

One rule about enjoying your craft beer out of a glass: never use frozen glassware. Make sure your craft beer is poured into a clean, air-dried glass because frozen glassware creates foaming from the beer and often masks its flavours and aroma! (Now you know why commercial mass-market beers are always served ice cold in a frozen glassware.)

The common pint glass is not the end all to beer glasses. A rule of thumb is to consider size as it relates to alcohol content when selecting glassware. The higher the alcohol, the smaller the glass. The snifter is great for certain types of ale over 8% alcohol. The tulip traps aroma and maintains a frothy head due to its curvy design. Tall pilsner glass supports the foam which enhances the aromatics and the palate-cleansing carbonation. If you don't have any beer-specific glasses, using a wine glass is always better than a pint glass or drinking straight out of the bottle.


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