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Many people started homebrewing because of the desire to make better beers. Basically beers that are flavorful, beers that you want to drink yourself rather than the low quality, bland-tasting generic commercial beers available out there. Brewing beer is like cooking or baking. Homebrewers are not so different to the master chefs whipping their magic in the kitchen. The art of brewing involves presentation, aroma and flavor, just like cooking. Beer is food after all and homebrewers are food artists of high and exacting standards. Most craft brewers started their careers as homebrewers, and homebrewers only brew what they themselves want to drink. So you can be sure when you drink a craft beer, it doesn't come from some highly-paid executive who knows everything about cutting costs, but nothing about brewing a great-tasting beer.


LEARN HOW TO HOMEBREW! (Yes, it's legal in Singapore)
Homebrewing is legal in Singapore and does not require a license. You can read more information from the Singapore Customs here. You can purchase your first homebrewing kit at iBrew or HomeBrew. Join the Facebook group Singapore Craft Brew Club to chat with fellow homebrewers and get hints and tips on homebrewing. The video below is part 1 of 9 videos that will teach you the basics of homebrewing. You can find the rest of the series on Youtube. And last but not least, don't forget to invite us to try your homebrew creations :)


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