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Thirsty Talks: Bryan The Brewer

06 Aug 2021
Thirsty Talks: Bryan The Brewer
Lost Boy Brewery, was a name spawned from self-awareness, because Bryan always found himself in peculiar situations. “What is this Chinese boy doing trying to play cricket?!” Imagine being denied a place in your high school cricket team because your coach thought you were lost. This seems to be reverse discrimination at its finest, but you might say it was through these circumstances that moulded him into what Bryan would be. A boy with the constant need to create.

From turning an IKEA bench seat into a habitat for his hamsters to shaping his own skate decks, Bryan has always felt the itch to create with his hands. He owes it to his dad’s avidity with making art. When you’re in his house, you’d be hard pressed to find a single spot where you are not surrounded by painting, ornaments or antiques. “I didn’t realise at the start but I'm definitely a product of my environment.” says Bryan. When you find yourself in an environment surrounded by art, chances are you’re going to make art of your own.

Living sustainably gave birth to Lost Boy Brewery. Lugging a bag full of empty beer bottles after a night of heavy drinking, Bryan had the idea of repurposing them, to give them another lease on life. Where many people might toss the empty bottles into trash, there are others who turn bottles into art. The lost boy had other ideas. For a young man who thought school was a waste of time, Bryan needed another outlook where he could apply himself. Inspired by Thirsty's beer advent calendar in 2019, he decided to restore the empty bottles to their former glory, and fill them back up with beer. He enrolled himself into the Reddit School of Brewing with a major in craft beer subreddits. It was on discussion forums and reddit threads that he would acquire the mastery to brew liquid gold.

Bryan’s house is now a chock full of passion projects. Aside from all the ornaments scattered around his house, Bryan's new hobby had him convert his living space into an antique store-themed bar. All around were signs of his new endeavours. From paraphernalia in the form of Lost Boy bar mats, pint glasses, bottles and of course there was the Lost Boy himself, planted next to a Fizzics machine; a machine that leverages sounds waves and fluid dynamics to convert the beer’s natural carbonation into an ideal micro-foam, pouring anyone who was willing to drink a draft. His humble bar set up cost him close to nothing, he obtained most of his equipment from kind-hearted Redditors who donated it to a young impressionable, and enthusiastic home brewer.

He may be a Lost Boy for now but Bryan is slowly dotting the map with his craft beers. For now, we’ll leave him in his little beer sanctuary on Seletar to continue brewing in isolation.