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What is Craft Beer?

04 Oct 2021
What is Craft Beer?
Imagine a beer so good, you'd want to savour them...

In case you haven’t noticed, craft beer is everywhere in Singapore. The beer scene in our little red dot has evolved from a craft beer desert ten years ago into what is now a craft beer heaven. Rarely does one walk into a respectable restaurant or bar that does not offer an extensive craft beer menu. Even the craft beer selection at supermarkets has gone from nothing to aplenty. You only need to walk into your nearest Fairprice Finest to find a well-curated Thirsty craft beer section to pick when you do your grocery shopping. 

But what exactly is craft beer and why are beer lovers switching to craft beer? 

Historically, craft beer is defined as beer brewed by small and independent brewers. But the craft beer industry has grown tremendously and many successful craft brewers have grown to a size that would no longer be considered small, while others have been acquired by larger breweries making them no longer independently owned. 

We like to define craft beer as beers with character. To us, craft beer typically has a wide variety of styles, unique and rich flavours and often creative and quirky labels. They are produced by passionate brewers who care more about quality than quantity with a sole focus and emphasis on flavour. Beer lovers switch to craft beer simply because it tastes better.

Image credit: Kona Brewing Co.

Popular ale styles include IPA, stouts and sours. Classic lager styles such as pils and kölsch are as in demand as ever, especially in hot and humid climates like Singapore. Craft beer labels are often an artwork on its own. Fun, different and quirky, they are a beautiful intersection of art and beer that embodies the craftsmanship of each artist. 

But more than just beer, craft beer is a culture. From brewers to drinkers, the craft beer community is passionate and inclusive. Whatever your lifestyle choices are, we are united by our love for craft beer. We choose craft beer as our personal expression of who we are, what we stand for and what we believe in. 

With the explosion of the number of craft breweries and the rising popularity of craft beers around the world, there has never been a better time to be a beer drinker. And the best way to understand what craft beer is all about is to taste them and you can start right here.