Rodenbach Grand Cru Oak-Aged Flanders Red Ale
Rodenbach Grand Cru Oak-Aged Flanders Red Ale

Rodenbach Grand Cru Oak-Aged Flanders Red Ale

4 Pack
4 x 330ml
24 x 330ml

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More About Me

I am the pronounced version of the archetypal Flanders Red-Brown Beer, which is a unique and traditional beer style that my brewery is known for.

My complex fruitiness and refined sweet-sour flavour is produced by a two stage fermentation with lactic acid bacteria, a combination of 1/3 young beer and 2/3 beer as well as a two-year-long barrel oak-aging process. As a result, I have a multilayered texture and rich character that consists of a great deal of fruit, wood and esters. I am vinous with a long finish, just like a prized Grand Cru wine; many connoisseurs even refer to me as the "Burgundy of Belgium".

My Trophies

  • 98 points - RateBeer

  • 96 points - Beer Advocate

  • 90 points - Beer Connoisseur

  • Gold - Asia Beer Challenge 2020

  • Gold - Brussels Beer Challenge 2017

  • Silver - World Beer Awards 2017

  • Silver - Gothenburg Beer and Whisky Festival 2017

  • Gold - Brussels Beer Challenge 2016

  • Bronze - World Beer Awards 2016

  • Bronze - European Beer Star 2016

  • Gold - Brussels Beer Challenge 2015

  • Gold - World Beer Awards 2015

  • Silver - Australian International Beer Awards 2015

  • Gold - World Beer Awards 2014

  • Silver - Brussels Beer Challenge 2014

  • Bronze - Belgium Beer Awards 2014

  • Gold - Brussels Beer Challenge 2013

  • Silver - The International Brewing Awards 2013

  • Gold - World Beer Awards 2013

  • Gold - Brussels Beer Challenge 2012

  • Gold - Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival 2012

  • Gold - World Beer Awards 2011

  • Gold - Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival 2011

  • Gold - World Beer Awards 2010

Nitty Gritty

West Flanders, Belgium
Delicious before
20 Jul 2024
Oak-Aged Flanders Red Ale
Alcohol Percentage

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Rodenbach Brewery

Founded almost 200 years ago, in 1821, the Rodenbach is a legendary Belgian family brewery that specialises in oak-aged, mixed-fermentation ales, specifically the Flemish Red Ale. Rodenbach has been credited as the ones responsible for popularizing the Belgian sour beer and is one of the most highly decorated breweries in the world – with accolades beginning in 1894 and was also recently awarded the "World's Best Sour Beer" by the World Beer Awards!

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