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  • Chimay Belgian Beer Gift Pack
  • Chimay Belgian Beer Gift Pack
  • Chimay Belgian Beer Gift Pack

Chimay Belgian Beer Gift Pack

The most famous of the Trappist beers and best enjoyed in its distinctive Trappist chalice, Chimay is without a doubt a beer of great tradition. The Cistercian Trappist monks of Chimay have been since 1862, with their abbey being located on the site of a well which produces pure water for the beer. Chimay ales are brewed within the walls of their monastery and a major part of the sales revenue is used by the monks to support charitable work. This gift set will allow you to fully experience the unique aromas and flavour of Chimay.

This pack contains:

  • 1 x 330ml Chimay Red
  • 1 x 330ml Chimay Triple
  • 1 x 330ml Chimay Blue 
  • 1 x 330ml Chimay Gold
  • 1 x Chimay Glass
Country of Origin


About the Brand

Brewed by monks in the Scourmonth Abbey monastery, the Chimay Brewery is one of the only eleven Trappist breweries in the world. Chimay's rich history of beer and cheese production has been around since 1862. Locally sourced ingredients, a special strain of yeast and water drawn from a well inside the monastery give the beers a particular and unique full-bodied character that is known worldwide as Chimay's signature quality and tradition. As with all other Trappist breweries, the monks will not increase beer production based on demand or profit motives, but only enough to support the monastery and other charitable causes, resulting in its fairly limited supply.

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