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  • 4 Pines Nitro Stout
  • 4 Pines Nitro Stout
  • 4 Pines Nitro Stout
  • 4 Pines Nitro Stout
  • 4 Pines Nitro Stout
  • 4 Pines Nitro Stout
  • 4 Pines Nitro Stout
  • 4 Pines Nitro Stout
  • 4 Pines Nitro Stout

4 Pines Nitro Stout

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| 5.1% ABV

Presenting... the world's first space beer! Engineered along with Saber Astronautics, I'm the very first beer that's created to be enjoyed in zero gravity. With space tourism about to go mainstream, the creation of a delicious ale like me simply just makes sense. As a dry Irish stout in a nitro-infused bottle, I present an almost black pour with a generous, creamy head that forms beautifully when you pour me out into a glass. A whiff should give you aromas of coffee, chocolate, and caramel that's matched with full-bodied mouthfeel and a smooth, rounded bitter finish. I taste just as delicious down here on earth as I do up in space! Just take note to drink me the right way: chill for at least 24 hours, crank open my bottle cap and flip me bottoms up to pour me out into a glass fast and hard.

My Trophies

Bronze - Australian International Beer Awards 2022
Gold - Australian International Beer Awards 2021
Gold - Australian International Beer Awards 2019
Gold - European Beer Star 2019
Silver - Brussels Beer Challenge 2019

My Birthplace

Manly, New South Wales, Australia

Meet My Maker

4 Pines was born in 2008 from a casual conversation between father and son, post-surf, who simply wanted an exceptional beer to drink, but had options that were limited. This innocent conversation evolved into a small family brewpub that had a community where all were welcome and a culture that threw convention out the window. The brewery focuses purely on having fun, being innovative, creating great customer experiences and having ethics – environmental and social responsibility. 4 Pines today is Australia's leading, award-winning (Champion Brewery of the Year by Australian International Beer Awards 2015), and globally celebrated beer company.

I'm Delicious Before

11 May 2023


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