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    Also known as Red Ales, Amber Ales are robust, rich and enjoyable with their fuller bodies, strong caramel malt profile and bready, biscuity flavours. Food pairing is great with roasted and braised meats, barbeque foods, pizza and saucy dishes. Beer Scale: Maltiness 4/5, Hoppiness 2/5, Alcohol 3/5
    Brown Ales are known for its rich and sweet malt profile. Brown Ales are extremely food friendly and are usually chocolatey, caramel-ish, nutty and toasty in flavour. American Brown Ales are hoppier and strongly flavoured compared to English Brown Ales which are usually more malty and lighter bodied. Food pairing is great with hearty foods such as roasted, smoked or grilled white or red meats. Beer Scale: Maltiness 5/5, Hoppiness 2/5, Alcohol 3/5
    Originating from England, Porters were favoured by porters and other physical labourers as they were a perfect drink to wind down a busy day. Porters are mostly dark brown, rich in flavour and robust with roasty, toasty notes. Beer Scale: Maltiness 5/5,  Hoppiness 2/5,  Alcohol 3/5
    Rich and dark, Stouts are typically roasty, creamy with notes of coffee and chocolate. Stouts were evolved from Porters and they are more fuller, creamier and has more of a stoutier body and strength. Stouts are almost black and come in many smaller forms such as dry stouts, coffee stouts, oatmeal stouts, sweet stouts, American stouts, foreign extra stout and Russian imperial stout. Food pairing is great with oysters, creamy or chocolate desserts and ice cream. Beer Scale: Maltiness 5/5,  Hoppiness 2/5,  Alcohol 3/5
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Rogue Chipotle Ale

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