Duvel Tulip Glass
Duvel Tulip Glass

Duvel Tulip Glass


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More About Me

If you're a fan of Duvel's legendary beers, you would want to drink them out of me – the brewery's specially-designed and officially licensed glass. My unique tulip shape, generous volume capacity, and engraved "D" letter nucleation design makes all the difference in the beer's flavour and aroma. They say it's only with the right glass that you can experience the beer in the way that it was intended by our beer's creator and I say it's true.

Duvel Moortgat Brewery

Duvel Moortgat has been brewing independently for four generations now, since 1871. Since the very beginning, the family has been devilishly possessed by the quality of every drop, every barrel and every bottle of the speciality beer that they produce. Using the best, natural ingredients, with a great deal of patience and respect for the planet (operates on 100% green energy with 97.8% recycled waste), Duvel Moortgat has produced beers that are considered masterpieces and the definitive version of Belgian beers. Today, the brewery enjoys a well-respected reputation and has captivated countless beer fans from across the world.

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