At long last, it's an exciting time to be a beer lover in France. Until recently, beer drinkers in France who wanted to quaff anything with character had to be content with a limited number of Belgium beers or with their country's industrially-made Kronenbourg. But that's all changing. Now in Paris, craft beer has finally arrived. Prompted by the bold craft beer crusade in the US and UK, small French brewers are venturing beyond classic lagers and making innovative beers – imbuing art (and taste) into an undervalued profession. The craft beer culture is brought in from abroad and gets an infusion of the Paris scene with new sensibilities and flavors. By merging international and French techniques and recipes, exciting new brews have surfaced. The "art" has emerged and, with art comes respect, and with respect (and taste) comes consumer demand. And today, demand is spiking.

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