Grimbergen Phoenix Chalice Glass
Grimbergen Phoenix Chalice Glass

Grimbergen Phoenix Chalice Glass


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Grimbergen is known as the beer of the Phoenix, and there's no more fitting glass for their legendary beers other than me. I come carved with the Grimbergen Phoenix insignia on two sides and bear the brewery's name in gold print along with a matching rim. It's not just my majestic appearance that will elevate your drinking experience, but also my special nucleated glass design that will keep your beer fizzing with foam till the last drop. Drink Grimbergen's abbey ales from my goblet and feel reborn again!

Grimbergen Brewery

With origins that can be traced to 1128, Grimbergen is one of Belgium's most famous and historical abbey beers. The Abbey of Grimbergen was destroyed three times in its history and after each wave of destruction, it was rebuilt. Fittingly, the Father of Grimbergen took for their emblem the Phoenix, symbolising the perpetual rebirth of their abbey, and adopted a motto in honour of the mythical bird: Ardet Nec Consumitur, which holds the meaning, "it burns yet is not destroyed". Today, after more than 200 years, Grimbergen beers are being brewed once more within the abbey, and combines the best of brewing traditions from ancient books found at the abbey's library with new and innovative techniques to craft their exceptional beers.

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