Wauconda, Illinois, USA.

It all started in 1988 when Tim Kovac, now founder and brewmaster of Small Town Brewery, found out that brewing was in his blood - his ancestor was a ship captain and brewer who made gruit ales in the 1600s. Tim's passion for brewing grew and Small Town Brewery was founded in 2010. Working out of the small brewery in Wauconda, Tim and his son, Jake, spend their time experimenting with and perfecting hard root beer recipes. In 2013, Tim quit his day job and started to brew full time, focusing all his attention into making speciality craft beers with an unmistakable taste of nostalgia. The brewery makes botanical, gruit-inspired brews with classic American flavors. Gruit (German for “herbs”) is an ancient way of bittering and flavoring beer using roots, spices, flowers, and berries. This is how most beer was brewed for thousands of years and throughout the middle ages – before hops took over as the main bittering agent. Small Town’s brews are inspired by this long forgotten artisanal method of brewing. 

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