Nail Red Amber Ale
Nail Red Amber Ale

Nail Red Amber Ale

4 Pack
4 x 375ml
Case of 16
16 x 375ml

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More About Me

As an American-inspired Amber Ale, I'm chock full of Citra hops. To rein in my bold bitterness, caramel malts were added, making me a well-balanced brew of palate-tickling flavours. I'm rich on the palate yet surprisingly light on my feet for a 6% ABV ale – perfect conditions to win the hearts of serious beer lovers!

Fun fact: I was originally just a one-time special seasonal and was simply referred to as "Brew Log Collection #4", but my brewmaster soon realised that I was too good to be a one-off!

My Trophies

  • Silver - Australian International Beer Awards 2022

  • Bronze - Perth Royal Beer Awards 2021

  • Gold - Perth Royal Beer Awards 2020

  • Gold - INDIES Independent Beer Awards Australia 2019

  • Gold - Independent Brewers Association 2019

  • Gold - Perth Royal Beer Awards 2019

  • Silver - Australian International Beer Awards 2019

  • Silver - Australian International Beer Awards 2018

  • Gold - Royal Adelaide Beer & Cider Awards 2017

  • Gold - Perth Royal Beer Awards 2017

  • Silver - Australian International Beer Awards 2017

  • Gold - Craft Beer Awards, The Best of Australian Brewing 2016

  • Gold - Perth Royal Beer Awards 2016

  • Silver - Australian International Beer Awards 2016

  • Bronze - Australian International Beer Awards 2015

Nitty Gritty

Western Australia, Australia
Delicious Before
19 Dec 2023
Amber Ale
Alcohol Percentage

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Nail Brewing

What started as a dream in 1994 with a simple homebrew kit, has now grown into one of Australia's most awarded and globally recognized brewery. Before craft was craft, Nail had been brewing ales that are loved by locals and awarded by critics. Independently owned and operated, Nail Brewing focuses on handcrafting consistent high-quality beer, utilising all-natural ingredients across their unique range.

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