Hindmarsh, South Australia, Australia

Pirate Life Brewing's story is one of real adventure, of travelling great distance in search of their life goal: to one day own a brewery. It's a tale that begins in the land of the kilt: Aberdeenshire, Scotland, where two young brewers, Jack Cameron and Jared "Red" Proudfoot, met and honed their brewing skills through apprenticeships for craft beer powerhouse Brewdog. Jack and Red worked together, studied together, lived together and drank together. It seemed that craft beer ran in the family's blood as Michael Cameron, Jack's father and now CEO of the company, was also an employee at Brewdog, building their first bar in Aberdeen among other things.

With an increased knowledge of brewing and a drive to create their own craft brewery, the lads jumped on a plane back to Western Australia to make it all happen. To complete their quest properly and continue to learn new brewing techniques and methods, Jack accepted a job at Little Creatures in Fremantle while Red helped establish the Cheeky Monkey Brewery in Margaret River region. Meanwhile, in the background, Michael began accumlating funds to make the dream come true, the trio explored Adelaide and fell in love with the culture, the bar life, the festivals and the city itself. 

After visiting multiple properties, the right building was finally found in December 2014, in the bustling suburb of Hindmarsh, now home to the Pirate Life Brewing. The trio are strong believers in the humble tinnie – in fact, so devoted are they to canned beer, they cleverly displayed their entire brewing process around the rim, complete with the malts and hops that are used, all the way through to the recycling process. The core range of beers was then first released in March 2015. 

"We believe we live our life just like a pirate would, we are care free, relaxed and brew what we want to,” says Jack. It's the same attitude Jack and Red will be using for their brewing: not conforming to any trends but instead concentrating on making what they know tastes best. With experience and knowledge beyond their years under their belts, it's clear they set sail in Adelaide with a clear direction on where they want to take their beers and their brewery. And the SA scene will no doubt be grateful for their bounty.
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