Rich and dark, Porters and Stouts are typically roasty, creamy with notes of coffee and chocolate. Originating from England, Porters were favoured by porters and other physical laborers as they were a perfect drink to wind down a busy day. Stouts were evolved from Porters and they are more fuller, creamier and has more of a 'stout' body and strength. Porters are brown in colour while Stouts are almost black. Stouts come in many smaller forms such as dry stouts, coffee stout, oatmeal stouts, sweet stout, American stout, foreign extra stout and Russian imperial stout. Food pairing is great with oysters, creamy or chocolate desserts and ice cream.


Beer Scale: Maltiness 5/5,  Hoppiness 2/5,  Alcohol 3/5   

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