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Rodenbach Teku Glass


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In a world of softly rounded tulip glasses and tall willowy pint glasses, my teku glass shape is long-stemmed and angular, albeit similar to a wine glass. As the official Rodenbach beer glass, I am stamped with the brewery's trademark and come with a narrow mouth and slightly larger bottom that is designed to trap the aroma of the beer. I'm created this way, so that when you go in for a sip, you’re smelling as well as tasting – which is how you should be enjoying Rodenbach's refined and multilayered beers.

Rodenbach Brewery

Founded almost 200 years ago, in 1821, the Rodenbach is a legendary Belgian family brewery that specialises in oak-aged, mixed-fermentation ales, specifically the Flemish Red Ale. Rodenbach has been credited as the ones responsible for popularizing the Belgian sour beer and is one of the most highly decorated breweries in the world – with accolades beginning in 1894 and was also recently awarded the "World's Best Sour Beer" by the World Beer Awards!

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