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    You're gonna either love it or hate it but Sour Ales or also known as Gose, are perfect if you're up for something different. Sour Beers are fruity, funky and puckeringly tart, that might be interesting and pleasing to some but undesirable to others. Sour Ales are typically brewed with ale yeast inoculated with souring yeast (most commonly Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces) that may occur from oak barrels, pitched into the beer or sour mashed to the beer. Beer Scale: Maltiness 1/5, Hoppiness 2/5, Alcohol 2/5
    Saisons are also known as Farmhouse Ales and they originated as a seasonal summer style produced in Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium. Back in the days when refrigeration was unheard of, Saisons or Farmhouse Ales were brewed at the end of the cool seasons to last through the warmer months. The ales had to be sturdy enough to last for months but yet light enough to be quenching and refreshing for the summer. These complex ales are now brewed year-round in tiny, artisanal breweries whose buildings reflect their origins as farmhouses. Beer Scale: Maltiness 1/5, Hoppiness 2/5, Alcohol 2/5
    Spiced Ales are warm, herbed or spiced beers, this is anything from the Fall season's favourite pumpkin ales to Winter season's Christmas beers with nutmeg, cinnamon or ginger. Brewers often like to expand the limits of this beer category and would even create hot pepper ales, hemp, ginseng or spruce needle ales! Beer Scale: Maltiness 1/5, Hoppiness 2/5, Alcohol 1/5
    Strong Ales are usually (well duh) the boldest, strongest ale offered by a brewery and provide a great way for brewers to push the limits of the practical. Strong Ales are robust, rich, complex and come in many different forms such as Old Ales, Scotch Ales or Barleywines. These ales can be aged for years and are normally also aged significantly prior to release. The style is also sometimes associated with the winter or holiday season due to its high alcohol content, complex dark flavours and warming feeling. Beer Scale: Maltiness 4/5, Hoppiness 2/5, Alcohol 5/5
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