Alcoholic beverages in Sweden are as common as in most of the western world. The main Swedish speciality is Vodka, Lagers, Mead and Cider. Since the Middle Ages, beer and cider was the staple beverage in Sweden. Up until the 19th century, brewing was mostly a matter of production for household needs. The beer was usually weak in alcoholic content and used as an everyday beverage. For celebrations and feasts, stronger "feast-beer" and potent mead was brewed. With the advent of industrialism, all this changed. As the cities grew, home brewing became impossible for most people, and so the Swedish brewing industry arose. In the late 1980s, largely through consumer awareness, a new generation of small breweries began to grow alongside the large companies. These breweries offer customers more in the way of choice and many of the beers and ciders now produced in Sweden are of the very highest international quality, produced with the best ingredients.

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