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Thirsty "Hoppily Ever After" Wedding Gift Box

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Toast to the bride and groom with the Thirsty "Hoppily Ever After" Craft Beer Gift Box! Convey your best wishes to the happy couple with a variety of delicious craft beers decked in white (and hints of gold) to fit any wedding celebration!


  • A selection of mystery (but super tasty) craft beers
  • Different beer styles from light to bold for an exciting flavour exploration
  • Two beer glasses that will make sweet additions to a new nest
  • Gift message card
What's in the Box

One each of:

  1. Pale Lager
  2. Fruited Wheat
  3. IPA
  4. Hazy IPA
  5. Belgian Tripel
  6. Lambic Fruit Beer
  7. Thirsty Beer Glass
  8. Thirsty Beer Glass

*Please note that while we try our best to update this list with the latest information, there will be times whereby it is not completely accurate. 

Gift Box FAQs

What's inside this gift box?
6 different craft beers and 2 locally-designed tasting beer glass that's guaranteed to enhance your drinking experience! 

Where are the beers from?
Mostly from America, Australia and Belgium!

What's the liquid volume for each can?
They are typically from 330ml to 375ml.

By "mystery beers", do you mean that the beer selection in the Gift Boxes will always change? 
Yes! We will rotate and change our beer selections once or twice a week to keep things fresh and exciting. You can expect selections ranging from good ol' classics to the latest beers. If you would like to know what's in the latest selection, please drop us an email at orders@thirsty.com.sg and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Can I customise my own gift box and select my own beers?
No, not the moment. You can mix and match your own selection but we'll pack them into our signature yellow carton boxes instead of our gift boxes.

Can I add a gift message?
Sure you can! Before you proceed to checkout, simply type your message under the "Gift Notes" section and we'll print it on a card and place it inside the gift box.

Enjoy Within 3 Months

The beers in this gift box have an enjoy-by date (not to be confused with expiry date) of 3 to 6 months.

If you're new to craft beer, this might alarm you, so let us explain! Craft beers, unlike mainstream commercial beers, are unpasteurised, just like fresh milk. Unpasteurised products naturally have a shorter shelf life, because they don't contain any preservatives and don't use chemical processes to remove natural ingredients like yeast. Take note not to confuse production dates with best-by dates as different breweries and different countries date their beers differently.

If you have any concerns or doubts, please don't hesitate to contact us at orders@thirsty.com.sg. Remember to always enjoy your craft beers fresh and drink them soon to get the best flavours as well as aromas!


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6 Beers, 2 Glasses

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