Bristol, Gloucestershire, UK.

Water, malt, yeast and hops. Four simple ingredients giving eternal possibilities. The brewers of Wiper and True explore, harness and celebrate them to create something extraordinary. Rarely the same, their recipes are the product of an imagination obsessed with discovering something beautiful, fired by the perpetual challenge of creating the perfect composition. 

The founders first fell in love with brewing at home, learnt their craft on a kitchen stove with pots, pans and raw ingredients scattered all around. As they tinkered, trifled and tweaked recipes, they studied the ancient art of their vocation. Meanwhile, they were lucky enough to get first-hand experience at some great breweries and more importantly, from some great brewers. Whilst paying respect to the traditional craft of beer making, their inclination from those early days has always been to experiment and to play. Whether that’s roasting their own malts, adding wild ingredients such as blackberries and chillies, or ageing the beer on different kinds of wood, Wiper and True Brewery's aim is to create something truly special and as you will taste it, this is no ordinary beer.

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