Brothers Toffee Apple (12 Pack)


$90.00 $78.00

12 PACK | Toffee Apple Cider | 500ml | ABV 4.0%

The cider of choice for those who don't do normal ciders! The Brothers Toffee Apple is a delicious blend of apple cider, cream soda and smouldering toffee.

It pours a golden colour with a coarse head, has the full aroma of cream soda and toffee fudge and tastes exactly as described – toffee apple mixed with a cream soda body. Hints of fudge and pear come through, though they are masked by the rather sweet cream soda. Short on the finish, the sweetness leaves you wanting to come back for more.

Perfect for all year round, vegan, gluten-free, no artificial sweeteners, no fats and made using natural carbonation. Serve chilled!

This pack contains 12 bottles.

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