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  • Kirk & Sweeney 12 Year Dominican Rum
  • Kirk & Sweeney 12 Year Dominican Rum
  • Kirk & Sweeney 12 Year Dominican Rum

Kirk & Sweeney 12 Year Dominican Rum

| 40% ABV

A 12-year-old Dominican Rum named after a rum-running schooner that shipped spirit during prohibition. The ship was seized in 1924, but the rum has now appeared in its honour. This deep mahogany-coloured rum presents a sweet aroma balanced heavily toward cane honey, with earthy sugar cane undertones, along with a hint of vanilla, cinnamon, toasted oak, caramel and dried fruits. Initial taste reveals a nectar-sweet quality, leading to a weightier body that indicates substantially aged rum that's serious in character but not overbearing. Light notes of vanilla and wood hit the palate, transforming into an incredibly smooth offering. Bold, ripe, and sweet vanilla flavours evolve near the end, providing a smooth, long, and luxurious finish. The average ageing of rum in the Caribbean is generally 2 years, but Kirk & Sweeney is the rare exception. Aged 12 years in old oak wine barrels, this is definitely a rum well worth pursuing!

Awards & Ratings

95 points - Wine Enthusiast

Country of Origin

United States

About the Brand

Named after a wooden schooner that smuggled rum from the Caribbean to the Northeast US during the early years of Prohibition, Kirk and Sweeney is an American Rum handcrafted in the Dominican Republic from sugarcane, then aged for way longer than average in American oak barrels. Kirk and Sweeney's rums adhere to the very strict regulations to be called "Dominican Rum" and adored for its graceful portability, exquisite balance, luxurious flavour and for being the gold standard.

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