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  • Pasote Blanco Tequila
  • Pasote Blanco Tequila
  • Pasote Blanco Tequila

Pasote Blanco Tequila

| 40% ABV

Distinctively herbal and incredibly pure, the Pasote Blanco Tequila is a 100% blue agave tequila made using traditional processes. Blanco has an aroma that rewards agave lovers with the ripe essence of the plant itself, roasted to perfection to bring out its herbaceous depths. A deeper whiff will reveal fragrant undertones of bright citrus. Utterly clean and clear, with an exquisitely soft mouthfeel, the first impression of this beautifully balanced agave tequila is that you're drinking liquid light. Crisp, zesty citrus dominates the foreground, unfolding mid-palate to pure succulent blue agave. With a surprisingly long finish that's decidedly clean, the distinctive agave taste deliciously lingers on, flecked with hints of white pepper. This is tequila handcrafted and made in the purest and most traditional way.

Awards & Ratings

93 points -
90 points - Wine Enthusiast

Country of Origin

United States

About the Brand

Named after the fierce spirits of Aztec warriors, Pasote (pronounced pa-so-te) is a line of traditionally made tequilas produced by Master Distiller Felipe Camarena. Horno oven-cooked, Tahona crushed, and copper pot still distillation, Pasote upholds the true tradition of handcrafting tequila. Pasote's tequilas are uniquely distilled with pure rainwater, natural spring water and agave grown from Felipe's fields in Jalisco highlands.


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