[6P] Green Flash Soul Style



6 PACK | India Pale Ale | 355ml | ABV 6.5%

The Green Flash brewers rip – creating huge and complex double and triple IPAs at the pinnacle of craft beer enlightenment. Soul Style is Green Flash's effortless and pure manifestation of the Single IPA. Citra, Simcoe and Cascade hops are layered, allowing bright tropical waves of flavourful citrus and floral notes to break gently on the palate. Get stoked on a laid back single and ride a wave to soothe your soul.

This IPA pours orange gold with bright white foam and smells very floral with tropical fruit (think ripe mango, clementine and a hint of orange blossom honey). A sip with start with a mellow pale malt sweetness which transitions to pungent hop flavours with grassy notes and a lingering but clean, bitter finish. Cheers!

This pack contains 6 cans.

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