Stockade Hopzilla Weizen

Wheat Ale


Hoppy Hefeweizen | 330ml | ABV 6.0%

Two beasts (a Hopzilla and a giant rabbit that appears to have escaped from a lab experiment gone wrong) at odds with each other but bound together is a fitting artwork label for this beer. The Hopzilla Weizen is built on two contrasting styles: a hefeweizen laced with hoppy elements of an IPA. Based on those points, this is a beer likely to polarise drinkers. There will be those who say yes to a hefe and those to an IPA, but usually not in the same glass. The there are those who say "Whatever, bring it on!" Quite obviously, this beer is for the latter and what they (or rather, you) will be enjoying is the classic wheat beer esters of banana and clove with that typical cloudiness, alongside a serious wallop of New World hops such as American Cascade and Citra as well as Australian Galaxy. 

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