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Beerfarm IPL

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| 5.2% ABV
I'm the beer that my brewers made for their own selfish pleasure. As such, I wasn't meant to be released to the public and was a secret menu for the longest time. However, secrets are something we tell everybody not to tell anybody... So eventually, the cat got out of the bag and here I am, canned, and distributed throughout the globe. I'm brilliantly pale and sparkling with a crisp hop bitterness and a faint malty tone. Fermented cold and lagered for weeks, I'm a classic beer style that celebrates tropical hop varieties.
My Birthplace

Metricup, Western Australia, Australia

Meet My Maker

Located in the Margaret River region of Western Australia, Beerfarm works with both the land and environment to cultivate good times and beverages for every occasion. Beerfarm is committed to reducing their footprint every step of the way: from running an ever-growing array of solar panels across their brewery's rooftops, to having a thorough wastewater plan, to raising Black Angus cattle on spent grain. Beerfarm is an ambitious bunch and are on a mission to bring delicious, sustainable beer to as many lops as possible, whilst having a good time along the way.

I'm Delicious Before

28 Mar 2023 – as I'm good for 9 months after my birthdate on 28 Jun 2022.

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