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  • Thirsty 'Hoppily Ever After' Craft Beer Gift Box
  • Thirsty 'Hoppily Ever After' Craft Beer Gift Box
  • Thirsty 'Hoppily Ever After' Craft Beer Gift Box
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Thirsty Beer Box

Thirsty 'Hoppily Ever After' Craft Beer Gift Box

A toast to the bride and groom! Convey your best wishes for the happy couple by sending them the Thirsty 'Hoppily Ever After' Craft Beer Gift Box! This pack holds 6 delicious craft beers with different beer styles and 2 tasting glasses to have and to hold.


  • 6 cans of our most popular, bestselling craft beers from America and Australia
  • Completely different beer styles from light to dark and hoppy to malty
  • 2 Thirsty tasting beer glass
  • Optional gift message card
Beer Styles Available in the Box

1 x Sour Ale
1 x Session Ale
1 x Pale Ale
1 x Hazy Ale
1 x IPA
1 x Amber Ale

Gift Box FAQs

How many beers are there in this gift box?
6 beers! And all of them different from our usual gift boxes!

What's the beer volume for each can?
A range of 355ml and 375ml cans.

Do all the Thirsty Craft Beer Gift Boxes have the same beer selection?
Typically yes but not this 'Hoppily Ever After' box! We have a completely different all-white selection for this gift box.

Can I customise my own gift box beer selection?
Not the moment, no. You can still mix and match your own selection but we'll pack them into our signature yellow/blue carton boxes!

Can I add a gift message?
Sure you can! Before you proceed to checkout, simply type your message under the "Gift Notes" section and we'll print it on a card and place it inside the gift box.

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6 beer cans, 2 glasses

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