Great Divide Candemonium

Mixed Case



Great Divide Brewing has made it easier for us to enjoy some of their greatest beers by not only putting them together in one pack, but by putting them in cans! This awesome twelve pack comes with a delicious mixture of Titan IPA, Colette Farmhouse Ale, Lasso IPA and the newest addition to their seasonal lineup, the Whitewater Hoppy Wheat.

In this variety pack, you will find:

  • 3 cans x Titan IPA - IPA, 355ml, ABV 7.1%
  • cans x Colette Farmhouse Ale - Farmhouse Ale, 355ml, ABV 7.3%
  • cans x Lasso IPA - IPA, 355ml, ABV 5.0%
  • cans x Whitewater Hoppy Wheat - Wheat Ale, 355ml, ABV 4.9%
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