La Trappe Chalice Glass
La Trappe Chalice Glass

La Trappe Chalice Glass


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More About Me

I'm a beautiful, bowl-shaped nucleated glass that sits on a thick, ornate stem, embossed with the La Trappe crest. My goblet features golden detailing around the rim, which helped me look particularly impressive, specially when I'm filled with beer.

La Trappe, Koningshoeven Brewery

La Trappe is the name of the beer brewed in Koningshoeven, the first Trappist brewery in the Netherlands. The abbey was founded by an order of monks in the late 19th century and was esetablished to generate funds for the construction and upkeep the brotherhood's monastery. Originally, the monks brewed beer out of necessity, using traditional recipies that they have been developing since 1884. The resulting ales were highly unique, authentic, richly flavoured and so well-received that the small enterprise eventually turned into the internally recognised brewery that they are today.

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