Lager & Wheat Pack

Mixed Case


This golden pack contains the ultimate selection of the world's favourite beer styles – Lagers (Pilsners and Bocks are subcategories of Lagers), Wheat Ales (which includes White Ales or Witbiers) and Golden Ales (which are also referred to as Blonde Ales). These thirst-quenching beers are perfect for our sunny Singapore! Few people know that there's a huge difference between good quality lager and the dumbed-down generic lagers that are very commonly available. Taste the difference in this mixed pack that is guaranteed to offer you a taste of the best light, crisp and refreshing beers.

What's in the box:
1 x Kona Hawaiian Big Wave Golden Ale
1 x Shiner Bock Dark Lager
1 x Blue Moon Belgian Wheat
1 x Maisel's Weisse Original German Wheat
1 x Saint Archer White Ale
1 x Anchor California Lager
1 x Green Flash Sea to Sea Lager
1 x Coronado Seacoast Pilsner
1 x Sierra Nevada Kellerweisse 
1 x Anchor Meyer Lemon Lager
1 x Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat
1 x Lost Coast Great White Wheat

Please note that if we're out of stock of any of the beers, we will substitute one of equal or greater value to ensure you get your awesome beers as soon as possible.


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