Lindemans Cassis

Fruit Beer


Fruit Beer | 250ml | ABV 3.5%

The Lindemans Cassis is a beer flavoured with blackcurrant juice and has been brewed since 1985. Once the brewing process has finished, the beer is placed in oak casks for it to age and ferment, allowing it to blossom its entire palette of tastes. In order to process this second fermentation, blackcurrant juice and sugar are added and provide the beer with a fine fruit complexity. The result is a fresh and fruity beer featuring acidity specific to Lambic beers along with the sweetness of blackcurrant.

The Cassis pours a red-violet colour topped by a huge and creamy pink head. From the rim of the glass, one can smell aromas of blackcurrant and red fruit predominant over every other scent. It features very sweet flavours and fine acidity along with a sharp taste of blackcurrant, leading to wooden and dry notes. It can be served as an aperitif and perfectly marries fruit or chocolate desserts.

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