Mc Chouffe Tulip Glass
Mc Chouffe Tulip Glass

Mc Chouffe Tulip Glass


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More About Me

Made for fans of the deep, dark beer that is Mc Chouffe, I am a tasting glass designed to hold 250ml of beer and a generous head of foam. With one of our gnomes printed on my tulip-shaped body, I am the perfect vessel for your A'Chouffe beers.

Chouffe Brewery

The Achouffe Brewery - also known as Brasserie d'Achouffe, is set in the heart of the verdant Belgian Ardennes forest and has been brewing quality Belgian beer since 1982. What started as a hobby developed into an international success with countless highly coveted awards coming year after year, in recognition of their unique flavour. It's said that every beer recipe was whispered into the brewers' ears by gnomes from Houffalize's fairy forest!

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