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  • The Anything Box
  • The Anything Box

The Anything Box

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Can't decide? Like surprises? Enjoy a good deal? Get The Anything Box! You'll find 20 different craft beers from cans to bottles in various styles and flavours.

The catch? The beers have approaching best-by dates (within 2 months) and are picked by random so there's no telling what you'll receive!

What's in the Box

One each of:

  1. American Lager
  2. Low Calorie Lager
  3. Kolsch
  4. Witbier
  5. Hefeweissbier
  6. Fruited Wheat
  7. American Amber Ale
  8. English Amber Ale
  9. Cream Ale
  10. Australian Pale Ale
  11. American IPA
  12. Resinous IPA
  13. Hazy IPA
  14. New England IPA
  15. Fruited IPA
  16. New Zealand IPA
  17. Scotch Ale
  18. Belgian Quadrupel
  19. Belgian Dark Fruit Beer
  20. Alcohol-Free Stout


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Mixed Beer Box

20 Beers


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