Alesmith Horny Devil

Golden Ale


Belgian-style Golden Ale | 750ml | ABV 10.0%

Horny Devil is Alesmith's interpretation of a Belgian-style Golden Ale. Brewed with authentic Belgian ingredients, including candy sugar and a Trappist yeast strain, the Horny Devil has fruity and spicy aromas with notes of orange, banana and peppercorns. Coriander seeds are added into the brew for its refreshing citrusy notes that melds seamlessly with the beer’s delicate malt profile. Horny Devil finishes with a lively carbonation and a refreshingly dry finish. 

The delicate, spicy flavours of Horny Devil make it a great pairing with hearty seafood dishes such as roasted halibut or steamed mussels and dishes featuring fresh herbs or citrus zest. Funky washed-rind cheeses, as well as rich, creamy ones, are excellent accompaniments too!

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