Tuatara Weiz Guy

Wheat Ale


Wheat Beer | 330ml | ABV 5.0%

Kiwis like to eat bread by the truckload, but they’re sometimes surprised to find that wheat can also make a mighty good beer. It gives it a sweeter, cloudier base, while the yeast produces a unique flavour of ripe bananas, vanilla and clove. So raise a glass to the Weiz Guys who invented this brew. It’s the best thing since sliced bread!

Now, kiwis also know their beer. Way back in 2000, when founder Carl's purpose in life was to introduce true to style international beers to the locals, most of them were scratching our heads when they held up a glass of Bavarian Hefe, this cloudy concoction called a wheat beer. 16 years on, the kiwi's worldly lot have "weized" up, caught up and arguably overtaken the rest of the world in their craft beer know how. So now, the team has finally given their Tuatara Hefe an identity of its own. You're "weiz" enough to figure the rest out.

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