Ice Cold in No Time: How to Quickly Chill Your Beers

Say goodbye to warm beer woes, and hello to perfectly chilled suds in a flash with these super-cool tips!

Ice Cold in No Time: How to Quickly Chill Your Beers
How to chill beer fast

Cold beers are the best remedy for a hot and humid day, but not everyone owns a special beer fridge that lets you enjoy a perfectly chilled beer whenever you wish. So, what can you do when you want a cold beer but all you have are disappointing room temperature beers?

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Luckily for you, here are three ways for you to quickly chill your beer so you can drink it asap.

Compressed air

Did you know that you can use a can of compressed air to chill your beer? Compressed air is typically known for its effectiveness in cleaning your keyboards, but it also has chilling properties.

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Simply hold your can of compressed air upside down before spraying the side of a beer bottle or can for a few seconds until you see the frost form.

Pros: this is no doubt the fastest way to chill your beer as you can get it done in mere seconds!

Cons: Chilling your beer so quickly like this could damage it and cause it to skunk. Sure, you’ll be able to get your cold beer in mere seconds, but at the risk of skunky beer? No thanks. We would caution against this method unless funky-tasting beers are your thing - you have been warned.

Chuck it in the freezer

Chucking your beer into the freezer for 15 minutes is a quick and easy solution to chill a beer, as that’s all that you need to do.

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Some beer fanatics suggest that wrapping a damp paper towel (or two) around the beer before putting it into the freezer will help the beer chill faster. What’s the science behind this? Well, when the water on the towel evaporates, it will draw heat away from the beer, thus rapidly cooling it. 

However, there have been some doubts cast upon this extra step, so take it with a pinch of salt. Further, this method may be the most simple one, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the best.

Pros: hassle-free and efficient.

Cons: If you leave your beer in the freezer for too long, ice shards may form, or worse, the beer may even explode if it freezes. Beer is mostly made out of water, so when it freezes, it expands. This causes your beer bottles to leak or even break, so be extra careful!

Ice, water, and salt!

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The last method to quickly chill your beer is by using three simple ingredients, namely, ice, water, and salt. Fill a bucket with ice and water before adding a generous helping of salt. Then, you can simply stick your beers into this icey and salty mixture. 

This method is even faster than putting your beer into the freezer as cold water conducts heat away better than cold air. Further, the salt will help to lower the freezing point of water, thus chilling the beer faster. 

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Another way you can quicken the chilling process is to gently spin or rotate the beer as it chills. This will ensure that the beer that has already been chilled moves away from the cold surface while the beer that still needs to be chilled moves to the cold surface.

Make sure you only gently spin the beer instead of shaking it! Shaking your beer is a surefire way to ruin it as you’ll be releasing too much of the natural gases that the beer needs to form its head.

Pros: this is a relatively quick and easy method to chill your beer in under 10 minutes!

Cons: you’re going to need a lot of salt to do this.

But other than that, this is the best way to quickly chill your beer!

Now you know how to chill beer fast

How can you chill if your beer isn’t chilled? Well, now you can relax knowing that you’ll be able to chill your beers in under 10 minutes! Whether it's for a party or a personal craving, you’ll be able to satisfy all your cold beer needs promptly and with ease.

Ice Cold in No Time: How to Quickly Chill Your Beers

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