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Who is Thirsty?

Thirsty is Singapore's leading importer and retailer of speciality craft beers and premium ciders - we carry none of the generic, mass-market swills!
But we don't just sell beer, we're on a mission to change Singapore one glass at a time. Our goal is to introduce, educate and provide you with an affordable access to delicious craft beers. We also provide beer delivery services via our online store at www.thirsty.com.sg

What is craft beer?
To put it simply, craft beers are the better, tastier alternative to mainstream commercial beers. Craft beers are beers with distinctive characters, flavours and aroma. Unlike mega-brewery corporations, craft beers are hand-brewed in small quantities, by brewers who are passionate about making great tasting beers. These craft brewers put a lot of effort and innovation in their creations and unique recipes. Hence, craft beers have a lot of emphasis on flavour and quality. They are after all, brewed with only the best, freshest natural ingredients!
You can find out more craft beer, the different styles of beer, the beer lingo and some food pairing tips in our blog!

I'm a craft beer beginner, I don't know which beers to try! Any help?
Firstly, welcome to the craft beer revolution! You can start by ordering one of our Taster Packs here. These taster packs allows you to sample up to 6 different beers at prices from S$45 and above.


What is the shelf life of craft beers? 
Craft beers are fresh products and unlike mass-market beers, they are not pasteurised. Craft brewers use a variety of freshness or dating methods. Some brewers print bottling date, others print best-by date, while many do not even print any date as it is not required to date alcoholic products in certain countries. There are also beers that can be aged, which are printed with a 'best after' or 'enjoy after' date. 
While bottling dates are self-explanatory, the best-by dates may cause some confusion. Firstly, best-by dates of these craft bees are not the same as expiry dates, they are the 'freshness date' that indicates the timeframe in which the brewer intends the beer to be consumed at its prime. Depending on beer style, the printed best-by date of craft beer is typically 3 - 6 months after bottling, which is far shorter than most mass-market beers which are typically dated 12 months after production.
Hence, don't be alarmed when you see craft beers nearing or pass the date, it only means that it is approaching its 3 - 6 months life. It is still safe to consume craft beer after their best-by date, especially since no harmful pathogens can grow because beer contains alcohol. The beer taste and aroma, however, may start to change slightly but this is highly dependant on how the beer is stored. We always ship and store our beers at refrigeration so we will recommend you to store yours at cool temperatures and away from sunlight too.
In summary, generally it is best to drink your beers sooner rather than later to taste the freshest beers, unless it is a beer meant for aging. Generally, the higher the alcohol content of the beer and the darker the beer, the less you need to be concerned with best-by dates. If you are unsure, please feel free to email us at drink@thirsty.com.sg for further clarification!

How should I store my craft beer?
Life and beer are very similar, chill for best results. 

Do you have gluten-free beer?
Yes! Shop our gluten-free beer collection here. Ciders are also a very good alternative for gluten-intolerant people and those that are on gluten-free diet, shop our cider collection here.

What is a 'hoppy' or a 'malty' beer?
'Hoppy' and 'malty' are terms to describe a beer flavour.
A 'hoppy' beer is one rich with the fragrance of hops, which are green, leafy flowers of the humulus lupulus plant. Hops flavour beers with bitter, fruity or floral notes. You'll find hoppy beers in an IPA styled beer, so grab yourself a IPA Taster Pack here!
A 'malty' beer, on the other hand, has a flavour profile of biscuity, nutty, cereal, toasty, caramel, and sometimes even chocolately. You'll find malty beers in our Amber & Brown Ale Taster Pox, grab them here!

I couldn't find a particular craft beer brand in your store, are you able to source for and bring it in?
We might be able to help you! Drop us a mail at drink@thirsty.com.sg and we'll see what we can do.


Are there any restrictions to the number of bottles that I can order?

Nope, there is no minimum or maximum orders. You can purchase just 1 bottle of beer or as many as you wish. We do however, encourage you to purchase in packs of 6, 12 or 24 (and multiples above) in order to fully enjoy better delivery rates and to maximise the packing of your box.

Can I mix and match my beers?
Yes! You can mix and match any number of any products in your order. Time to customise your own 6, 12 or 24 pack!

I changed my mind. Can I change or cancel my order?
Generally, no, orders cannot be cancelled or changed. However, we might be able to accommodate your request of changing an order if we are informed in time. Do note that the changed order should be of the same (or higher in) value as your submitted order. We also reserve the right to reject cancellations or changes for operational reasons.

I submitted an incorrect address in my order! What should I do?
Please inform us immediately by emailing drink@thirsty.com.sg!


What is your store's currency?
All prices and transactions in our store are quoted in Singapore Dollars and will be shown as S$ or SGD or $.

What payment modes do you accept?
We accept only Paypal, which also supports major credit/debit cards via Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal account transfers. You will be able make payment with or without a PayPal account.


What are your delivery terms?
Orders will be processed and delivered only after we have confirmed and received the customer's payment. Your beers are typically ready to be delivered on the 2nd or 3rd day after confirmation of order.

Where do you deliver?
We currently only deliver within Singapore and each delivery is on a single location per order basis. Do make sure that the address you provided upon checkout is accurate! We do not ship internationally and to addresses outside of Singapore.

What are your delivery rates?
We offer free delivery for a one-time purchase that is equal to or more than 24 bottles. For orders less than 24 bottles, the below delivery charges apply:

Order Quantity                               
Delivery Charge (Anytime)
Delivery Charge (Timeslot)
1 - 6 bottles
$8.00 $11.00
7 - 12 bottles
$9.50 $12.50
13 - 23 bottles
$12.00 $15.00
Above 24 bottles




What are your delivery schedules?
We deliver everyday of the week except on public holidays and offer 2 types of delivery options - Timeslot Delivery and Anytime Delivery. Here are the schedules:

Monday to Sunday
Public Holidays
Afternoon, 2pm - 6pm No delivery
Evening, 6pm - 10pm No delivery

Monday to Sunday
Public Holidays
Anytime from 2pm - 10pm No delivery


Who does the delivery?
We currently use a 3rd party delivery service to dispatch all our deliveries.

What happens if I miss a delivery?
Fret not! If you miss a delivery, our delivery will call to inquire if he can leave your parcel on your doorstep, if not, you will receive an email or call from us soon to reschedule for a 2nd delivery attempt. However, there will be a re-delivery charge of $15 so try to have someone to receive the parcel!

Will you call before making a delivery?
For safety and efficiency reasons, our drivers will not call prior to a delivery, unless specifically requested.  

Can you deliver to restricted zones and PO boxes?
Unfortunately, we are not able to deliver to PO boxes or to restricted zones such as army camps, ports and airports.

Can I get someone to receive the delivery on my behalf?
Sure. All delivery recipients must be aged 18 and above though. We will deliver to the stated location and ask for
 the recipient to sign off the Delivery Order Form as an order completion acknowledgement. So please check your package carefully!

I didn't get my delivery! What's going on?
Please inform us by emailing drink@thirsty.com.sg to investigate. You can also call our Liang Court outlet, which processes all Thirsty online orders, at +65 8307 1995, between 12pm-10pm if you wish to speak to our staff. In the meantime, do check with your family members if they have received the parcel on your behalf. 

Do you deliver chilled beer?
Unfortunately, not at the moment!


Can I pick up my purchase at your retail outlets?
Unfortunately no. We don't provide self-collection services at the moment!


Do you have a physical store?
Yes! We currently have four outlets:

LIANG COURT (Main Store*)
177 River Valley Road #02-34, Liang Court Shopping Centre, Singapore 179030
Tel: +65 83071995  |  Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 12pm-10pm
*We are licensed for take-away and on-premise consumption, hence you can take a seat and drink here!

211 Holland Avenue #02-16, Holland Road Shopping Centre, Singapore 278967
Tel: +65 93541952  |  Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 10.30am-8pm

865 Mountbatten Road #B1-37, Katong Shopping Centre, Singapore 437844
Tel: +65 84018743  |  Opening Hours: 
Tue-Fri, 3pm-9pm. Sat-Sun, 12pm-8pm

1 Maju Avenue #01-04, myVillage Mall, Singapore 556679
Tel: +65 98230282  |  Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-10pm

What payment modes do you accept in your retail outlets?
We accept cash, NETS and credit card payments in all our outlets!


Do you provide gifting services?
We do! Check out our gift range here. If you have a gift message, do key it in under the [ Special Instructions/Gift Notes ] box when you're checking out.

But what if it's a surprise gift?
We will still send an Order Confirmation email for all orders and we might also need to contact you to clarify matters related to your order. So if it is a surprise gift, please provide your own email and phone number but provide the gift recipient's name and address in checkout. 

Do you have gift vouchers?
Yes we do! Physical gift cards comes in denominations of $50 and can only be purchased at our retail outlets. E-gift cards comes in denominations of $10 and will be sent to the gift receiptant in an e-mail, you can purchase our e-gift card here.