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General Information

  • Who is Thirsty?

    Thirsty knows better beer, and we want everyone to know too. Since 2012, we’ve been working towards making craft beer in Singapore fun, fresh, and accessible to all. Why choose to drink normal when you can experience incredible for less? Read more at our About Us page!

  • What is craft beer?

    Simply put, craft beers are the more delicious alternative to mainstream, mass-market beers. Craft beer is much more diverse in styles and distinctive in characters, flavours and aroma. Craft beers are usually brewed in smaller quantities by passionate brewers who care more about quality than quantity.


  • What is the shelf life of craft beers?

    Most craft beers are unpasteurised, which is why we always ship and store our beers refrigerated. Since alcohol is a natural preservative, craft beers technically do not have expiry dates and are safe to consume any time. However, craft beers have freshness dates which is an indicator of quality.

    Craft breweries use a variety of freshness dating methods. Some print bottling dates, others print best-by dates, while many don't even print any date as it is not required to date alcoholic products in certain countries.

    Bottling dates are self-explanatory, but best-by dates may cause some confusion. Best-by dates are not the same as expiry dates. Best-by dates indicates the consumption timeframe the brewer recommends for maximum quality. Best-by dates are indicator of quality, not safety, and items past its best-by dates are safe to consume.

    Depending on beer style, the printed best-by date of craft beer is typically 3 - 6 months after bottling, which is far shorter than most mass-market beers which are typically dated 12 months after production. So, don't be alarmed when you see craft beers nearing or past its best-by dates, it only means it is approaching its 3 - 6 months of youth. Chances are, they will still taste fresher and more flavourful than any other longer-dated mass-market beers.

    Beyond the best-by dates, the craft beer taste and aroma may start to change slightly, but this is highly dependant on how the beer is stored. But let's face it, we all agree that it's best to enjoy your beers sooner than later.

  • How should I store my beer or wine?

    Your refrigerator is the best place to stash your beer. It protects beer from its natural enemies: heat and light. Do also keep your beer upright to allow for a clean, yeast-free pour and try to finish your opened beer instead of storing it as its carbonation will evaporate and you'll have a flat beer even if it's only the next day.

    As for storing wine, the ideal conditions are: cool and dark, with constant temperates and still surroundings. The good news is that most wines are made ready to drink and do not require special cellaring, thus are a little more forgiving of storage conditions. Still, best to keep the wine laid horizontally and away from direct sunlight in cool temperatures with relative humidity levels.

  • What is a 'hoppy' or a 'malty' beer?

    'Hoppy' and 'malty' are terms to describe a beer flavour.

    A 'hoppy' beer is one rich with the fragrance of hops, which are the green, leafy flowers of the Humulus Lupulus plant. Hops flavour beers with bitterness and citrusy, piney, floral, tropical notes. You'll find hoppy beers in IPAs and Imperial IPAs.

    A 'malty' beer, on the other hand, has a flavour profile of roasty, biscuity, nutty, cereal, toasty, caramel, and sometimes even chocolately. You'll find malty beers in lots of Brown Ales, Porters and Stouts.

  • I couldn't find a particular beer brand in your store, are you able to source for and bring it in?

    We might be able to help you! Fill in our Beer Request Form and we'll see what we can do.


  • What is the legal age to buy beer from your store?

    Our goods can only be ordered, received and consumed by customers aged 18 and above. We will not knowingly sell alcoholic products to anyone under the age of 18 in Singapore.

  • I changed my mind. Can I change or cancel my order?

    Sure, but only if we are informed in time. Order amendments are subject to product availability, shipping status and other operational limitations. Most of the time, we will be able to accommodate your request of changing or cancelling an order if your order has not been shipped. Please note that order cancellations will be refunded in store credit, and that we reserve the right to reject any cancellations or changes.

  • I need to change the delivery address (or timeslot) in my order! What should I do?

    Please inform us immediately by replying to your Order Confirmation email or contacting us at orders@thirsty.com.sg with your Order Number. Please note that once we've shipped out your order, it is most likely too late to make any more changes.

  • What happens after I complete my order?

    Upon order completion (checking out and successfully making payment), you will receive an email confirmation of your order. If you did not receive it, please check your spam folder and if it still isn't there, kindly email us at orders@thirsty.com.sg.

  • How accurate is the stock availability?

    We strive to always keep our inventory as accurate as possible and to do our best to fulfil 100% of your order. However, if we are unable to fulfil an item in your order for any reason, we will call or email to inform you about it and you can then choose to either get a replacement item of the same value or remove it from your order. 

  • Do you offer bulk discounts?

    Sure! Our bulk discounts apply for buying a pack (either 4 or 6 or 12 or 16) or a case (either 24 or 30) of the same item. Simply select the pack type at the product page and you will see the discounted rate. Typically, getting a pack will get you about 10% off, but getting a case will definitely get you deeper discounts, saving you about $20 to $50!


  • What is your store's currency?

    All prices and transactions in our store are quoted in Singapore Dollars (SGD).

  • What payment modes do you accept?

    We accept only Shopify Payments, which supports major credit/debit cards via Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


  • What are your delivery rates?

    We offer free delivery for a one-time purchase (to a single location) that is equal to or more than $49. For orders less than $49, a $10 delivery charge will apply.

  • What are your available delivery timeslots?

    We deliver every day including on Public Holidays. Here are our delivery timeslots:

    Monday to Sunday Order Cut-off Time for Same-Day Deliveries
    11am - 3pm
    2pm - 6pm
    6pm - 10pm

  • What is the cut-off time for same-day deliveries?

    Order cut-off time Earliest same-day delivery timeslot
    11am - 3pm or 2pm - 6pm
    6pm - 10pm

    Subject to delivery slot availabilities!

  • Are you able to deliver at a specific time instead of a timeslot?

    No, we are unable to deliver at a specific time. This is because our drivers follow a daily-changing, pre-planned route which helps to ensure efficient and timely delivery for every order at the most cost-effective way.

  • Do you deliver on public holidays?

    Generally yes unless otherwise stated! We would usually make announcements on our Facebook, Instagram or Website's homepage.

  • Do you deliver to multiple addresses?

    No, we operate on a single delivery location per order basis.

  • Can you deliver out of Singapore?

    Not at the moment. We currently only deliver within Singapore.

  • Can you deliver to "restricted zones" or to PO boxes?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to deliver to PO boxes or to restricted zones such as army camps, ports and airports.

  • Can I self-collect my purchase at your warehouse?

    Yes, sure! Select that option during the checkout process and give us a call at 92347216 (or email us at orders@thirsty.com.sg) to confirm your pick up timing!

  • Do you deliver chilled beer?

    Unfortunately, not at the moment!

  • When will you deliver my order?

    Orders will be processed and delivered only after we have confirmed and received your payment. Your beers will be delivered in the timeslot and date of your choosing – which can be as soon as within a few hours after your purchase.

  • Who does the delivery?

    We currently work with independent delivery agents to dispatch all our deliveries.

  • What are the delivery agent's procedures?

    To ensure a timely and accurate delivery, our 3rd party logistic partners has trained their independent delivery agents to follow a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) during delivery. These SOPs may include calling the recipient to clarify delivery instructions, asking for the recipient's signature to sign off the delivery, and/or taking a photo of the parcel being left at the recipient's doorstep. Please be rest assured that these are standard protocols and after the delivery is completed, these details will be securely kept in our 3rd party logistic partner's system, allowing no one else, including the delivery agent, to get access to.

  • What happens if I miss a delivery?

    If you miss a delivery, the delivery driver will call to inquire if he can leave your parcel on your doorstep (so please ensure that you left a local +65 phone number while making your order). Should the call not get through or if the package was rejected, you will soon receive a follow-up email or call from us to reschedule for a 2nd delivery attempt. However, do note that there will be a re-delivery charge of $10, so try to have someone (above the age of 18) to receive the parcel.

  • Will the delivery driver call or send me a text before making the delivery?

    They can, but you got to let us know that you require this service in your order notes.

  • Can I get someone to receive the delivery on my behalf?

    Sure. All delivery recipients must be aged 18 and above though. Please note that the recipient will need to sign off the package as an acknowledgement of order completion.

  • I didn't get my delivery! It's late! What's going on?

    Please inform us by replying to your Shipping Confirmation email or emailing orders@thirsty.com.sg with your Order Number, and will launch into an investigation immediately. While you wait for us to get back to you, do check if anyone else in the same address has helped to receive the parcel on your behalf.

  • I received my delivery but the items are wrong. Please help?

    We're terribly sorry for this incident! Please inform us by replying to your Shipping Confirmation email or emailing orders@thirsty.com.sg with your Order Number, to get this sorted out and fixed.

  • I received my beers correctly but why are they in packed a different 6-pack carrier packaging?

    This is done so as part of our efforts to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. These 6-pack beer carriers are made of recycled paper and occasionally when we have or get extras from the breweries, we would reuse them to pack your order. This also helps us do away with the need for carton partitions, hence reducing wastage.

Price Match Guarantee

  • What qualifies for the Price Match Guarantee?

    We will match products that are identical, at regular selling prices and currently in-stock in any online or offline store in Singapore.

    Regular selling prices means standard, non-discounted, non-promotional and non-special regular selling prices and does not include any warehouse sales, concierge services, atrium promotions, trade shows, special events, fairs or festivals.

  • How much and how will the Price Match Guarantee be reimbursed?

    We will pay you 2x the price difference in the form of an Thirsty e-Gift card, which you can use for future purchases on www.thirsty.com.sg and this e-Gift card will expire after one year of issuance.

  • Do we have to purchase the product before we make a Price Match Guarantee claim?

    Yes you do. The Price Match Guarantee claim is only applicable for customers who have made a valid non-return purchase of the item on www.thirsty.com.sg.

  • How can I submit a Price Match Guarantee claim?

    First, take a clear photo or a screenshot that shows the product (that is of a lower regular selling price) and its price tag. Make sure that the price tag shows the regular selling price and not the promotional, discounted or 'special' price.

    Second, email us at orders@thirsty.com.sg within 7 days of your purchase. Do attach the photo that you took and let us know where you found this product and your Order Number.

    Third, wait for us validate and respond to your claim.

  • Is there a time limit to which I have to submit the Price Match Guarantee claim?

    Yes there is. You need to email us within 7 days of your purchase from www.thirsty.com.sg.


  • Do you have a physical store?

    No. We only provide online sale and delivery services.


  • Do you provide gift wrapping services?

    At the moment, no, but you can still include a gift message in your order! Your gift message will be printed on a simple Thirsty card and placed inside the box, along with your beers, ciders or wines.

  • I would like to send a surprise gift, what contact number should I list?

    In the shipping address, you should include a phone number that our delivery drivers can reach when he is making the delivery. This is because deliveries has to be signed off or acknowledged by the recipient. In the billing address, and in the customer contact info, you should leave your phone number in the case that we need to contact you to clarify matters related to your order.

  • My order is a gift, could you please leave out the receipt?

    Worry not! There is only a packing list that your recipient can refer to, no prices on it!

  • Do you have gift vouchers?

    Yes, we do! We've got e-Gift cards that you can purchase online and get it emailed straight to your lucky recipient. The e-gift cards come in denominations of $50, $100 as well as $150 and if you need them in a different denomination, just email us at orders@thirsty.com.sg and we'll get it done for you. Please note that e-Gift cards can only be redeemed online at www.thirsty.com.sg.

  • How do I use the e-gift card?

    When you purchase an e-gift card, an email will be sent to you and that email will come with a unique code. Copy that code and paste it at the Check Out page after you are done shopping at www.thirsty.com.sg, and you will see that the e-gift card has been applied to your order.

  • Can the e-gift card be used more than once?

    Yes, provided there is still a balance remaining in the card.

  • Can e-gift cards be reloaded?

    No, you can't reload a gift card.

  • How do I check the balance remaining in the e-gift card?

    At the moment, you won't be able to check your own gift card balance, so just send us an email at orders@thirsty.com.sg, let us know your e-gift card's unique code and we'll get back to you with the information as soon as possible.

  • Can I apply a discount/promo code to my e-gift card purchase?

    No, discount codes cannot be applied to e-gift card purchases.

  • Can I use the e-gift card in conjunction with a discount/promo code?

    Yes. e-Gift cards are a form of payment.

  • Do you have physical gift cards?

    No, we don't.