Free same-day delivery on weekdays for orders above $59, made before 4pm!


General Information

  • Who is Thirsty?

    Thirsty is Singapore’s largest online craft beer store on a mission to deliver delightful craft beer experiences. We’ve been helping people get their six packs since 2012 by bringing the wonderful world of craft beers to your doorstep with a touch of fun.

  • What is craft beer?

    Simply put, craft beers are beers with character - unique flavours, distinct styles and creative labels. Craft brewers are obsessed with quality, not quantity. They focus on flavours, not brands. Each craft beer truly expresses the personality of the beers and is a celebration of the brewer’s creativity.

  • Can I drink beer after my vaccination?

    It's best to stay away from alcohol 24 hours before and after your vaccination. Don't worry, we'll always have enough beers for you, so go ahead and take a break from the booze!


  • What is the legal age to purchase beer from your store?

    If you’re old enough to know what a pager is, you’re probably old enough to purchase a beer from us. The legal drinking age in Singapore is 18 years old. Hence, our alcoholic products can only be ordered, received and consumed by customers aged 18 and above.

  • Are there any promo codes that I can use?

    There aren't any, because it's always 9.9, 10.10, and 11.11 at our store. We offer lowest prices everyday, for every customer. No gimmicks, no hunting for promo codes, no fine-print discount rules and no points to earn – just straight-up good prices all day for everyone. We're so confident of our prices that we even have a Price Match Guarantee program!

  • How do I know if my order has been confirmed?

    After you have checked out and successfully made payment, you will automatically receive a confirmation email that will acknowledge your order and its details. So if you did not receive this email in either your inbox or spam folder, kindly email us at orders@thirsty.com.sg and we'll get you sorted out!

  • I changed my mind. Can I modify my order or cancel it completely?

    Nobody likes post-decisional dissonance, so yes you may, but only if we are informed in time. Order amendments are subject to product availability, shipping status and other operational limitations. If you wish to cancel your order cause you ain't feeling beer-y good that day, we will refund you in store credits (in the form of a digital gift card). Please note that we reserve the right to reject any cancellations or changes!

  • I made a mistake and need to change the delivery address / date / timeslot in my order! What should I do?

    Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days. Let us know what needs to be changed by replying to your Order Confirmation email. If your order hasn't been shipped, there might still be time to make changes, and if not, we will most likely have to reschedule your delivery.

  • I accidentally keyed in the wrong billing address! Can you help to amend it?

    We can't, but it isn't because we don't want to! Our website has a built-in risk analysis that is conducted only once at checkout. This conduct helps to veer away inaccurate reports and potentially high-risk orders, which will help to protect both our data and your card. Hence, no edits can be made after a transaction has gone through. Nonetheless, what's most important in your order is that the Shipping / Delivery Address is accurate, as that's what we require to ensure a smooth delivery.

  • Can I browse and purchase beers at your warehouse instead of shopping online?

    Unfortunately, we aren't hosting any walk-ins right now. Our warehouse is currently unequipped to accept any form of payment, and all orders have to be placed online. We also care for your safety and in light of the current pandemic, are limiting access to our warehouse. So stay home cause your beers are just a click away. Let us deliver and do the heavy lifting for you!

  • Do you only accept Credit Card payments? Or are there other modes available?

    We accept major credit or debit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and etc. You may also complete your purchases via express payment methods like Shop Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

  • Do you store my Credit Card details? Can I remove my Credit Card details?

    We don't store your credit card details so we cannot remove them. If you've used Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay or similar for express checkout, your credit card details might be saved in their system under your own account with them, so please remove them there. You might also have enabled auto-fill function on your browser which is a feature that you can disable from your browser's settings.

  • Can you send me an invoice or receipt for my order?

    Sure, we can! Reply to your Order Confirmation email and we'll get you sorted out as soon as we can. Do note that invoices are not customisable and are created accordingly to what you've ordered or keyed in into your Shipping or Billing details.

  • How accurate is your stock availability?

    We strive to always keep our inventory as accurate as possible and to do our best to fulfil 100% of your order. However, if we are unable to fulfil an item in your order for any reason, we will call or email to inform you about it and you can then choose to either get a replacement item of the same value or remove it from your order. 

  • Do you accept pre-orders? Can I make a stock reservation for beers that coming soon?

    Nope, we don't accept pre-orders or stock reservations, except for seasonal gifts such as our annual bestselling Advent Calendar. The pandemic has heavily disrupted the import-export logistic industry and shipment schedules have become highly unpredictable – long custom clearance, port delays, and short fills are somehow the new normal. We wouldn't want to disappoint our customers and not be able to keep our end of the bargain, especially to those who have made payment in advance. Hence, please wait for the products to be officially back in stock before you make your order purchase.

  • I plan to be a regular customer. Do you have any loyalty program that I can sign up for?

    Nope, we ended our loyalty program in 2019! We've decided that the best way to reward our customers is to keep things simple and guarantee low prices everyday, for everyone. There are no discrimination, no rules and no marketing gimmicks here at Thirsty – just straight up good beers at great prices!

  • Do you supply to wholesale to restaurants / bars / cafe / shops?

    Yes, we do! You can place your orders directly from our website. Our price list is what you see on our website, which is as competitive as any other craft beer distributor in Singapore for comparable products. We don't have any sales reps and pass all the savings to you! Plenty of F&B, retail shops and corporate companies purchase directly from our website for resale at their businesses and they enjoy lower prices by purchasing either by the multipacks or cases/cartons. You can mix and match anything in a single order and delivery is free if it hits above $49 – which is more flexible and much lower than any other wholesaler in Singapore respectively. Do note that we do not provide samples and deal only in prepayment terms!


  • What are your delivery rates?

    We offer free Timeslot Delivery (to one location in Singapore) for any single order that is $59 or above. For orders less than $59, a $10 delivery charge will apply.

    If you require your order delivered within 2 hours or before a specific time, we provide a Priority Delivery option at $25 per trip, which will be waived off if your order is above $199.

  • What is the order cut-off time for same-day deliveries?

    Order cut-off time Earliest same-day delivery timeslot
    11am - 5pm
    6pm - 10pm

    Do note that timeslots are limited and subject to availabilities!

  • Can you deliver at a specific time instead of within a timeslot?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver at a specific time. Our frontline delivery agents go through over a hundred orders a day and follow tightly-packed, pre-planned routes that are designed by a routing system for maximum delivery efficiency so every one of our customers get their beers on-time. The 4 to 6 hour delivery timeslot that we provide helps to give a little breather room for unpredictable situations such as weather / traffic conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.

  • Can you give me an estimated time of delivery?

    Don’t worry, your order will be delivered within your selected timeslot. We are unable to provide you with an estimated delivery time but can assure you that our frontline delivery agents will do their utmost best to fulfil every order as fast and as accurately as possible.

  • Will the delivery agent call or text me before / after the delivery?

    Our delivery system will send automatic no-reply SMS updates to the contact number of your order when: 1) The order has been picked up by our delivery agent, 2) The delivery agent is making his or her way to the shipping address, and 3) The order has been delivered.

  • How do I track my delivery?

    To check on your delivery status, please click on the button called "Find My Beer" in your Order Processed email, to be brought to a page called "Track Your Order". Enter your Order Number (e.g W12345) and Order Email (the email you used to place your order) in the form and click "Search" to get updates on your delivery.

  • What happens if I'm not home at the time of the delivery?

    Our delivery agents operate on a Contactless Delivery model. If he or she is allowed access to your building, the order will be left at your doorstep and an automatic no-reply SMS text update will be sent to inform you that the delivery has been completed.

    However, if the delivery agent is denied access into the building (which is very common in condos), he or she will try to reach you via your provided phone number to see if you will be able to help. If not, the delivery will be marked as failed and the order will be returned to our warehouse the next day. We will then follow up and work with you to schedule a 2nd delivery attempt. Do note that there will be a redelivery fee of $8, so please try to have someone at home to receive the order!

  • Can I request for the delivery agent to sing my recipient a birthday song?

    We do hold auditions to find the next delivery idol! However, our agents' priority is to always timely, accurately, and safely deliver every order. As the agents have to deliver through over a hundred orders a day, the time they can spend per location is extremely limited, therefore, we seek your kind understanding if your song request has not been fulfilled!

  • Do you deliver chilled beer?

    Not at the moment! Our beers are imported and stored chilled, but they sit in a room-temperature vehicle for a couple of hours during the delivery to you. Hence, although the beers might still feel slightly cool to the touch, they are in no way considered chilled and we highly suggest refrigerating the beers even more before enjoying them.

  • Can I self-collect my online order?

    Sure you can! Before you checkout from our website, simply select the "pickup" option and choose your preferred collection date and time. Pickup orders are free of charge and have got no minimum spend required.

  • Who does the delivery?

    We currently work with trusty independent logistic providers to dispatch all our deliveries. Your beers are in safe hands!

  • Are there any restricted areas in Singapore that you cannot deliver to?

    We unable to deliver to P.O boxes, hotel rooms, army camps, ports (such as airport, terminal port, shipyards, etc), as well as outlying islands (such as Khusu Island, St.John's Island, Pulau Ubin, etc). If you're not sure if your delivery zone is restricted, kindly email us to inquire at orders@thirsty.com.sg.

  • Can you deliver outside of Singapore?

    Nope, we cannot. We currently only deliver within Singapore (Sentosa included).

  • I didn't get my delivery! It's late! What's going on?

    Please inform us by replying to this email and we'll go on full-on Sherlock Holmes to investigate. While you wait for us to get back to you, do check if the order has been left on your doorstep, or if anyone else in the same address has helped to receive the parcel on your behalf.

  • I received my delivery but the items are wrong / damaged. Please help?

    Oh no! Please snap a photo of your order items and send it to us by replying to your Order or Shipping Confirmation email. We'll make it right to you and get things sorted out as soon as possible.

  • Why are my beers packed in a different 6-pack carrier packaging?

    This is done so as part of our efforts to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. These 6-pack carriers are made of recycled paper, and occasionally, when we have extras from the breweries, we reuse them to pack your order. This also helps us to do away with the need for carton partitions, hence reducing wastage. Save earth, drink beer!

  • Can I return the Thirsty carton boxes to your delivery agents, so that you may reuse the box for other orders?

    We hear you and appreciate your concern for the environment – trust us, we do too! However, our current logistic set up is not built for reverse logistics, e.g. collecting back the used boxes or bottles. We have considered and tried to implement it, but the resources and mechanics required for reverse logistics in a small operation like ours is much more complex than it seems, and the overall economic and lifecycle cost ends up to be higher.

    What we suggest and highly encourage is for everyone to do their part by reusing the boxes for other purposes in their own homes. Should the cartons need to be disposed, to separate and dispose them into the blue recycling bins which are usually present in all residential estates of Singapore. We are so encouraged that many like you care about the environment and are doing something about it. After all, ours is the only planet with beer!

  • Can you reduce waste and stop using plastic can holders to pack orders?

    The plastic can holders that you refer to are called PakTechs, and they actually come shipped together with the beer, within its carton. We have no control of how our breweries produce or package their beers for international shipping, but we're doing our part by reusing the PakTech holders to pack your order.

    The benefits of doing so are: 1) We can prevent one-time usage for this plastic material, 2) They are extremely useful in securing cans and preventing them from shifting about or getting damaged during delivery, and 3) They help us work more efficiently during the picking process of packing for your order. We assure you that PakTechs holders are made of 100% recycled resin, are extremely recyclable, very reusable, and comes with unique design that helps assuage certain environmental conflicts. No more fishes getting stuck in plastic rings or bags!


  • My order is a gift, so can you please leave out the receipt?

    Your secret is safe with us! There is only a packing list that your recipient can refer to or use to contact us with. There are no billing information or prices on it.

  • My gift order is a surprise and it will be delivered directly to my recipient's address. Should I leave my recipient's contact number or my own's?

    We highly encourage you to leave both contact numbers in your order. Please note that they have to be local +65 numbers.

    Here's what we recommend: Under "Shipping Phone Number", leave your own contact. Our delivery system automatically sends no-reply SMS text updates to the order's phone number and your recipient might be confused if he or she is receiving delivery status updates for an order that they did not make. Under "Special Instructions", leave your recipient's contact number. This is so that our delivery agent can still reach your recipient if they need help getting the order delivered (e.g. condo's intercom is not working or if the security guard is denying access, etc).

  • Do you provide gift wrapping services? Can you add a ribbon or wrap my order in decorative paper?

    We don't provide gift wrapping services but we think that our boxes nice enough that you don’t need to wrap them! All orders are delivered in our signature "Hello, I'm Beer!" carton boxes unless you've ordered our specially-designed gift box.

  • My gift message is longer than 160 characters, what should I do?

    We use a template to print messages directly onto a gift card and it only allows for 160 alphanumeric characters. Fret not, we can pack in an empty gift card along with your order so that you may personally pen down your message for your loved ones.

  • Can I fit bottles or tall cans into the gift box?

    Unfortunately, they won’t be able to fit. We’ve specifically designed our gift boxes for exactly 9 cans (from 330ml to 375ml or the can-shaped Thirsty glassware) and will not fit anything larger in size.

  • If I'm not purchasing the gift box, how will you pack my order? How many beers can I fit in?

    Your order will be packed into our signature "Hello, I'm Beer!" yellow carton boxes that you will constantly see on our social media pages: Instagram and Facebook. We've got different sizes to fit different quantities – from 6 to 24. If 1 box is not enough to fit all of your order, we will use 2, or 3, or more.

  • Will my recipients know that I am their gift sender?

    If you didn't state your name in the gift message card, you will remain anonymous. We take our privacy policy seriously and will not disclose our customer's data (or any billing information like name, address or contact) without permission.

  • I received a Thirsty gift box and would like to thank my sender, but nowhere on the order or the gift message card gave any hint of his or her identity. Can you help?

    We will do our best! Please email us at orders@thirsty.com.sg and let us know the Order Number (stated either on the Delivery Order or on the box itself). We will contact your gift sender and pass on your message.

  • I am looking to order corporate gifts. Can you customise a selection of beers for my colleagues / staff / clients / partners?

    Sure! Please email into orders@thirsty.com.sg and we'll see what selection of beers its best suited for your colleague / staff / clients / partners!

  • I would like to purchase a digital gift card but need it in a different denomination than what has been offered on your website. Can you help?

    Definately. Please email us at orders@thirsty.com.sg and we'll get you sorted out as soon as we can.


  • How should I store my beer?

    Have you ever heard of piping hot beer? Neither have we. This is why at Thirsty, we always import and store our beers refrigerated. Keep your beers in the fridge, and if your fridge is big enough, keep yourself in there as well! If there isn't enough space in your fridge, then at least try to keep your beers in a cool and shady area, away from its mortal enemies: heat and sunlight.

  • How long can I keep my beer for?

    Alcohol is a natural preservative so craft beers technically do not spoil and are safe to consume any time. However, they do have recommended enjoy-by dates, which are an indicator of quality and should not to be confused with expiry dates. These dates indicates the consumption timeframe the brewer recommends for maximum quality and taste. Beyond the best-enjoy-by dates, the beer's flavour and aroma may change slightly from when it was at the peak of its youth. For more information on our beers and their recommended enjoy-by dates, please refer to the beer's product page on our website.

  • I'm confused about my beer's stamped dates. Please help?

    We hear you and honestly, we get confused sometimes as well! After all, we do import craft beers from many different breweries around the world and different breweries use different dating methods. Hence, for simplicity and clarity, we've listed each of our beer's enjoy-by date (and if available, their production date) information on our website. If you find that there is a discrepancy between what's stated on your beer vs what's on our website, kindly reply to your Order Confirmation email to inquire. Chances are, we've received a new shipment of beers that are a different batch from what you currently have and our website is reflecting only the latest information.

  • I just poured out my beer into a glass and noticed some particles floating around. Is that normal?

    It is completely normal and harmless! However, you might get the power of making beer disappear after consuming them. What you’re seeing there are natural yeast sediments that are typically found in unfiltered or unpasteurised beer. Cloudy, wheaty or bottle-conditioned beers often have a solid layer at the bottom of the beer that makes the beer thick and hazy when poured into a glass.

    If you prefer a clearer pour, we recommend pouring your beer slowly and steadily to minimise the disruption of the yeast layer. Some brewers have also suggested stopping the pour before it is completely empty to contain most of the yeast layer inside the can or bottle.

  • I noticed that some of my beer cans come with a label over a different print under it. What's going on?

    Breweries around the world are labelling over pre-printed cans, but we promise that the beer in the can matches the label on the outside!

    Cans are currently in extremely short supply, and this is due to shortages brought on by an increase in at-home consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic. Compared to the bigger, commercial brewers and soda companies, craft producers are a small drop in the bucket and are being shorted on orders that have been in the pipeline for months. Many independent craft breweries have hence chosen to label over the cans that they have on hand so that their shelves aren't empty. On behalf of the craft breweries that we carry at Thirsty, I thank you for supporting their art and business amidst times like this!

  • I found an identical item selling for a regular price that's lower than what I've paid for at Thirsty. How can I claim the Price Match Guarantee?

    If you've found the almost mythical lower regular selling price, let us know! Take a photo of the item and its price tag, and send us the information by replying this email (within 7 days of your purchase). For more details, please click here .

  • I couldn’t find a particular beer brand in your store, are you able to source for and bring it in?

    You can always fill in our Beer Request Form and we'll see what we can do!