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About Us

We love good beers and our mission is to make good beers accessible to everyone in Singapore.

Since 2012, we have been championing and delivering delicious beers from all over the world to the people of Singapore. Our core philosophy has always been to offer a wide choice of quality flavourful beers at affordable prices, anytime and anywhere for any occasions.


Whether spending time with friends and family, celebrating a life milestone, or perhaps just to unwind after a long day, we believe beers bring people together, foster human connection and make the world a more sociable place - more laughter, more joy.


We believe in choice and variety. Through the wonderful world of craft beers, we are reinventing the beer social experience by encouraging exploration, discovery and appreciation of flavourful beers. 


We believe in quality and flavour. Fruity, hoppy, malty, rich, crisp, even sour or spicy - there is a beer for every palate. We love beers with character, made by people who care and we take great care of them, cold and fresh from grain to glass. 


We believe in convenience and affordable beers. Enjoying better beers doesn't have to break the bank. We scour the world to source beers so we can offer you the best value. And we continuously work to make ordering simple so you can get your beer quick and seamless.


A vibrant beer culture is about you. Let's celebrate life together and make the world a better place, one beer at a time.


Life is short. Drink better beers!