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Beerfarm’s origin story started in 2015, where five misfits stumbled upon a diamond in the rough - an old dairy farm in Metricup, Western Australia. The misfits converted the hay shed into a modest tavern and built a brewery in the round house. Beerfarm sits atop a goldmine; it’s surrounded by vineyards, beaches, caves and forests. To top it off, the brewery itself is located on a gigantic stretch of rolling green farmlands roamed by 70 Black Angus cattle.
Beerfarm - Established For The Future
Beerfarm is not about chasing trends or fancy bullshit; it is a brewery that truly serves (beer - if that wasn’t obvious enough). The brewery prioritises fresh produce, sustainable brewing methods, and of course, top-quality beer. Beerfarm is an inclusive brewery; it is intent on making beers for all ages, genders, and occasions. Whether you are a boomer or a zoomer, you can definitely find a beer suited to your tastes at Beerfarm.

Beerfarm ain’t sus, it’s sustainable.

Running a brewery is not easy, especially if you are trying to be ethical and sustainable every step of the way. In spite of such difficulties, Beerfarm is committed to reducing its harm on the environment without compromising on the quality and the taste of their beers.
The brewery runs an ever-growing array of solar panels across its rooftops to reduce its energy use, follows a thorough waterway plan to reduce its water consumption, and also recycles their wastewater post-brew. What about the 70 Black Angus cattle that roam the surrounding paddocks at Beerfarm? Well, they are actually fed a diet of grass and spent grain from the brewing process.
Besides energy and waste management, Beerfarm also places importance on the community. The brewery founded the Save the Harvest initiative in 2018 to support Aussie farmers while trying to reduce agricultural waste. During the strawberry contamination in 2018, Beerfarm rescued a ton of strawberries by using them in their special release beer, the Strawberry Sour.

Beerfarm often launches limited releases - like the Strawberry Sour - so keep your eyes peeled for these rare drops!

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