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We're building a vibrant craft beer culture in Singapore by creating simple,
fun and affordable craft beer experiences to help people discover new beers.

If you're the right person, you'll have a blast getting paid doing what you love,
with awesome teammates and plenty of good beers in between!

We're Hiring:


    We’re looking for an experienced Operations Director who has a demonstrated track record in building, running and scaling successful FMCG e-commerce warehouse and fulfilment operation to take our operations to the next level and lead us in our fulfilment capacity expansion projects in 2021 and beyond.

    You’ll be in charge of and be accountable for the smooth, efficient and seamless operation of our daily fulfilment as well as designing, building and scaling up our new and future warehouse and fulfilment centers. You’ll be handling a multi-channel e-commerce operation that includes our own e-commerce channel as well as multiple 3rd party online marketplaces and on-demand channels, both B2B and B2C.

    Your areas of responsibility cover warehouse, delivery, inventory and customer service. You’ll be responsible to build a strong, high-performing fulfilment team who can plan manpower, drivers, vehicles and routes, control inventory and materials, manage warehouse space and stock rotation and workplace safety.

    You’ll also be responsible to design and implement automation improvements in our process flows to maximize efficiency, accuracy and productivity in our daily operation. This is a highly operational, self-directed and hands-on role that demands strong people management skills and aggressive obsession towards operational efficiency and cost reduction.


    We're looking to hire an operations & logistics manager to be in charge of and be accountable for all our daily e-commerce fulfilment operations and warehouse management. We pride ourselves in consistently delivering on our promise of fast, accurate and on-time delivery and your responsibility is to oversee, run and improve our daily fulfilment operation and workflow, including pick/pack/sort, delivery routing and planning, inventory and material control, customer service, general housekeeping and safety. You'll also be responsible to recruit, train and manage your own team of packers and delivery drivers.

    This is a highly operational, self-directed and hands-on role that demands strong people management, strict discipline, obsessive attitude towards problem solving and delighting customers and aggressive focus towards continuous cost reduction.


    We’re looking to hire an experienced performance marketer to own and execute all our digital marketing initiatives and manage all our social media ad spend and media buy campaigns with the goal to generate traffic and driving sales conversions.

    Reporting to the Head of Brand, you’ll be in charge of and be accountable for our SEO, SEM, shopping and display campaigns on Google and all media buys on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You will serve as the subject matter expert on all our social and digital media buys.

    We expect you are, or can quickly learn to be, a proficient and effective user of all Google marketing tools and platforms, Facebook ad platform and LinkedIn marketing platform and can construct actionable insights based on data and analysis to achieve desired campaign outcomes with optimal spending. Proven track records of successful marketing on other platforms such as TikTok, WeChat, Telegram, etc will be advantageous.


    Reporting to the Product Manager, we’re looking to hire a creative marketer to help us market our brand and range of products with the ultimate goal of driving revenue increases, higher profits and strengthening our brand positioning while keeping costs to a minimum. You’ll be responsible for all our marketing strategy, campaigns and activities, from ideation to execution and data collection to analysis and insights. This is a highly self-directed, hands-on role with a view for you to build your own team when the time is right.


    Our webstore, currently running on Shopify, is a key sales channel and touchpoint for our customers. As we scale our business and grow our product lines and services, we’re looking to hire a web developer to help us code new functionalities and features into our webstore and build its architecture to the next level with the ultimate goal to drive revenue increases through expanded product lines and services while maintaining a simple and intuitive user experience.

    Some examples of the projects we currently have in the pipeline that falls under your initial portfolio include building a subscription service, bundle builder and personalization of user experience such as product recommendation, ranking and queue system and customized direct marketing. You’ll also be responsible for general maintenance and continuous improvements, such as fixing bugs, adding new features, integrating APIs with third-party apps, automating processes, implementing schema markup for SEO, among others.


    Our ability to directly source and curate quality craft beers at the lowest cost and reliably coordinate purchasing, shipping and arrival from multiple breweries in different countries to ensure product availabilities sets us apart from our competition. As we scale our sourcing operation from more countries and grow our number of partner breweries, we’re looking to hire a procurement manager to help us manage and scale our sourcing activities, supplier relationships, purchasing operation and stock levels.

    Reporting to the Head of Operations, your initial portfolio will be to handle all the planning, forecasting and purchasing of craft beers to ensure optimum stock levels to maximize sales opportunities while aggressively reducing cost. You’ll also be responsible to increase and diversify our craft beer variety, including sourcing new breweries, negotiating and reviewing prices, terms and contracts, building supplier relationships, improving and automating stock forecasting, creating and submitting purchase orders, organizing and coordinating shipping, among others. This is a highly self-directed, hands-on role with a view for you to build your own team when the time is right.

Working with us

We're a small team with big dreams. Problem-solving is our daily chore and we expect you to find and fix problems, set your own goals and figure things out on your own to accomplish our objectives and get things done.

You can expect:
- Transparent workplace, A-player teammates, complete autonomy and a meritocratic culture.
- Unlimited learning and growth opportunity via hands-on exposure to different projects.
- A chance to build something meaningful and impactful from the ground-up with like-minded people.
- Fair and competitive remuneration benchmarked to top of market rate.


If you're interested on any of the challenges and be part of the team, apply now to work@thirsty.com.sg. Shortlisted candidates will receive reply within 3 days.