Hawkers Beer

let's tap into their story!

Although Hawkers was founded in 2014 and launched in February 2015, the company’s roots extend way back. Mazen Hajjar - Hawkers’ founder - started the craft brewery in July 2006 during the Israel–Hezbollah War. By the time Mazen left, his old craft brewery was wildly successful; it was exporting beer to 26 different countries.

During Mazen’s first trip to Australia, he took to the streets of Sydney with bags full of 961 beer samples and went door to door promoting his wares just like the hawkers of old. It was then that Mazen decided to open a brewery in Australia and name it Hawkers as a tribute to the street vendors who roamed the early days of the colony.

Back then, many early immigrants were hawkers as they needed little capital and skill to push a cart and earn a living. Their efforts were vital for boosting many regional economies and they also helped the colony to grow.

Sustainability for the environment!

Hawkers is not only committed to creating delicious brews, but is also committed to saving the earth. The brewery is proud to announce that it has the largest solar array in metropolitan Melbourne. Hawkers has further reduced its electrical consumption by swapping old, incandescent light bulbs with highly efficient LEDs.
Many breweries discard tons of spent grain but at Hawkers, the spent grain is given to Farmers John and Dave to feed their hungry Angus herds. The brewery also has two malt silos that hold 27 tons of base malt delivered in bulk so it saves both fuel and an astounding 1,080 mesh bags each time a silo is filled!

Life’s too short to drink bad beer!

Hawkers started with just 4 people, but has grown to have an all-star crew of exceptionally talented team players who turned the brewery into a wholesome community of beer lovers. The team at Hawkers are committed to brewing beer the artisanal way; this means that they use the highest quality of ingredients, traditional brewing techniques, and top-notch equipment.
Hawkers is a fiercely independent company, and it is unconditionally committed to creating the best beer and eventually convert 100% of the market to drinking better beers. The brewery believes that we should all have the option to drink amazing beer and have fun while doing it, because life’s too short to drink bad beer!

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