Lost Coast Brewery

Let's tap into their story!

During the pandemic, many developed an interest in brewing their own beers due to boredom and lack of social interaction. Barbara Groom took it a step further and started her own brewery in 1989 - a time where microbrewing was sparse and not exactly a promising line of work.

The brewery baby that Barbara birthed was, surprise surprise, Lost Coast Brewery, which is now a successful mega-brewery and a testament to Barbara’s awe-inspiring character.

Who is Barbara Groom?

Barbara is an ambitious and admirable individual who is willing to go against the grain for the sake of fulfilling her aspirations. Her creativity and perseverance are what led her brewery to immense success.

She originally aspired to become a professional skier despite living on a farm in Stockton, California - which is really, really, hot. She has also sold makeup briefly even though she doesn’t wear it herself. She then became a pharmacist during a time where the field was almost entirely male-dominated.

With Hopland Brewery’s - California’s first brewpub - grand opening in Mendocino County, Barbara immediately knew what she wanted, no, needed to do. It was as if the fascinating world of craft beer was calling out to her.
With that, Lost Coast Brewery was born, and Barbara has never been more satisfied in her career. Sure, she was a pharmacist for over 20 years, but she has always found it boring, as it stifled her brilliance and creativity.

Craft beer, on the other hand, was challenging for Barbara but also immensely fulfilling. Back then, Barbara had a tough crowd - not many were aware of the wonders of craft beer. Besides, she also had to compete with the big boys - the giants of the beer industry.
After years of blood, sweat, and tears, Lost Coast Brewery transformed from a small, homebrew cafe into a mega, award-winning brewery with fans from all over the world. The brewery is famous for their strikingly quirky labels as well as their delectable, well-balanced beers that are oh-so-easy to drink!

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