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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver chilled beer?
Not at the moment! Our beers are imported and stored chilled, but they sit in a room-temperature vehicle for a couple of hours during the delivery to you.

However, we all know that no one likes warm beer, and we do offer ice with foam boxes so you can chill the beers in advance before your event.

This service costs $50, which includes:
- 5 bags of 2.5kg tube ice
- 1 regular size foam box (fits approximately 40 cans / 12 wine bottles)

The beers can stay chilled for up to 4–6 hours. Alternatively, if you’d like to make your own ice arrangements, you can get the ice directly from
Do you offer kegs?
Yes, we do have a limited selection of beers in KeyKegs, which are only available in 30L kegs.

Please email us for more information.
Do you provide event staffing?
As much as we’d like to, we can only provide beer, not people.
Can you deliver at a specific time instead of within a timeslot?
Yes we can! Simply select “express delivery” upon checking out and state your preferred time in the instructions box.

Do note that there’ll be an additional charge for this.
Do you offer tastings?
Not at the moment, but you can purchase single cans off our website if you want to sample the beers beforehand.
Do I need a liquor permit?
It depends on the venue and the size of your event! You can find more information from
What is the minimum order for catering?
Around 30 pax. If your event is smaller than that, we’d recommend ordering some party boxes that already come with an assortment of beers.
Do you provide glasses or openers?
No, but we do have glasses for sale separately.

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