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  • Dupont Belgian Saison
  • Dupont Belgian Saison
  • Dupont Belgian Saison
  • Dupont Belgian Saison
  • Dupont Belgian Saison
  • Dupont Belgian Saison

Dupont Belgian Saison

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| 6.5% ABV

I have been brewed since 1844 at the Dupont farmhouse in the town of Tourpes. I am a classic Belgian beer and a benchmark among the Saison beer style. "Saison" simply means Season in French, and as you have already guessed, I am a beer brewed seasonally. As a beer style, I began as a pale ale brewed in the Winter, which is a cooler and less active period in the farm, then stored for drinking during Summer time – a common practise for breweries before the invention of refrigeration.

My brewmasters made me into a beautifully balanced, complex and unfiltered beer with refreshing fruitiness and a long, dry finish. As you drink me, you'll be introduced to flavours of sweet bread, farm fruits, fresh hops, and a touch of spice. Despite my layered palate, I am incredibly drinkable and a great source of hydration.

My Trophies

98 points - RateBeer
97 points - Beer & Brewing
96 points - Beer Connoisseur
94 points - Beer Advocate
Gold - Brussels Beer Challenge 2019
Silver - Brussels Beer Challenge 2018
Silver - USA Beer Rating 2018

My Birthplace

Leuze-en-Hainaut, Belgium

Meet My Maker

Founded in 1844, Dupont is a farm-brewery specialising in the production of Saison beers; also known as Farmhouse Ales, which are brewed during the Winter months and drank during the Summer. Dupont's ales all have a remarkable depth of flavour and unique yeast that comes from the special strain the brewery uses at very high temperatures.

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1 Nov 2024

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