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What is Craft Beer?

What is Craft Beer?

History | 04 Oct 2021
The famous author of Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell, wrote that it takes approximately 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in a specific task. Now, does that mean that you have to drink 10,000mls or 10,000 cans of beer to be a ‘beer expert’? Or comb through 10,000 pages of research to claim that title? We summarise all of that for you in less than 1000 words, so you can be a ‘beer expert’ yourself (or at least a little less clueless than before).
  • Thirsty Talks: Bryan The Brewer

    Thirsty Talks: Bryan The Brewer

    | 06 Aug 2021
    Lost Boy Brewery, was a name spawned from self-awareness, because Bryan always found himself in peculiar situations. “What is this Chinese boy doing trying to play cricket?!” Imagine being denied a place in your high school cricket team because your coach thought you were lost. This seems to be reverse discrimination at its finest, but you might say it was through these circumstances that moulded him into what Bryan would be. A boy with the constant need to create.
  • How to Make Your Own Beer in Singapore

    How to Make Your Own Beer in Singapore

    | 22 Jul 2021
    Open up Instagram and for every 4 ‘outfit of the day’ posts you scroll past, you’re bound to come across someone baking bread, brewing kombucha, or even beer. In light of the COVID-19 situation, many people have taken it upon themselves to turn their household into a mini test kitchen – experimenting with food in many different ways, such as with specialised tools like a blowtorch, or with techniques like fermentation. The rise in popularity of craft beer, along with the fact that we’re all stuck at home, has ‘brewed’ a new hobby among many Singaporeans – homebrewing.