Leffe Chalice Glass
Leffe Chalice Glass

Leffe Chalice Glass


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More About Me

Each Leffe is a pleasure to be enjoyed and I was created to grant you that unique experience. Designed by Europe's famous Ritzenhoff Cristal glassmakers, I am a chalice glass that comes etched with a relief decoration that will remind you of our abbey. My rounded shape and narrow neck will allow you to breathe all the beer's aromas as you sip and savour every drop. As with all respectable Belgium chalice glasswares, I have a nucleation point – the letter "L" engraved on the bottom of my glass – that favours the continuous creation of bubbles and allows for persistent foam. Drink your Leffe beer from me and I will guarantee that you enjoy it.

Leffe Brewery

Founded in the 12th century, Leffe is one of the world's most recognisable Belgian beers and understandably so – it's had more than 800, albeit tumultuous years to build a brand and nail its quality. Using knowledge passed from generation to generation and ingredients found in the wild near the abbey, they had developed unique ales with a subtle taste and high alcohol content.

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