Vedett Flute Glass
Vedett Flute Glass

Vedett Flute Glass


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More About Me

As a champagne-styled flute glass, I have two main goals: to show off the beer's colour, and help gather its aroma for your nose. I think I do both jobs brilliantly, but if you're in doubt, just test me out with any of Vedett's delicious brews.

Vedett Brewery

Vedett, is without a doubt, one of the quirkiest and most out-of-the-box Belgian beer brand. Vedett started as a Belgian lager label in 1954, and while it is everything you can expect from being brewed by a legendary and world-famous Belgian brewery like Duvel-Moortgat, it had not had a chance to shine... until it was re-launched in 2003 and picked up by the creative scene. Today, Vedett's beers are celebrated by young Belgian beer drinkers that are in search for something different.

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