Rodenbach Classic Flanders Red Ale
Rodenbach Classic Flanders Red Ale

Rodenbach Classic Flanders Red Ale

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*Redeem a complimentary Rodenbach authentic teku glass when you purchase any 4 or 6-pack of Rodenbach beers.*

Just add any 4 or 6-pack of Rodenbach beers + 1 Rodenbach teku glass to cart and use code FREE-GLASS at check out. Limit 1 per order and per customer.


Ah, greetings, my esteemed beer enthusiasts! You might know of me as the "Flanders Red-Brown Beer," or perhaps by my brewery's illustrious name, recognized as one of the world's most revered brewer of traditional Belgian sour ales. Step closer, and allow me to regale you with the tale of Rodenbach Classic Flanders Red Ale.

I am a harmonious blend of youth and maturity, a dance between caramelized roasted malts and tangy fruit notes, all underscored by subtle oak undertones and a refreshingly crisp, yet lingering finish. Ah, but the secret lies within the matured beer that graces my concoction. It was patiently aged for two years in the very oak casks that have witnessed the passage of time since the middle ages. This ancient process, my friends, is one that Rodenbach has dutifully upheld for nearly two centuries, granting me a flavor that only the most esteemed wines could rival.

Approachable, unique, and refreshingly Belgian, I am the epitome of a sour ale that pairs divinely with an array of delectable culinary creations.

Tasting Notes

  • Sweet
  • Fruity
  • Tart
  • Funky
  • Cherry
  • Sour

My Trophies

  • • World Beer Awards - Silver Medal 2022, Gold Medal 2021, Bronze Medal 2015

  • • European Beer Star Awards - Bronze Medal 2022

  • • Asia Beer Challenge - Gold Medal 2020

  • • Australian International Beer Awards - Silver Medal 2019

  • • Brussels Beer Challenge - Silver Medal 2017, Bronze Medal 2016, 2014, 2013, Silver Medal 2012

  • • Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival - Gold Medal 2012, 2010, 2009

  • • Wine Enthusiast Magazine - 91 Points

  • • Tastings by the Beverage Testing Institute - 90 Points

  • • "1,001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die" Book by Adrian Tierney Jones - #386

  • • Men's Journal Magazine - One of the "50 Best Beers in the World"

Nitty Gritty

Roeselare, West Flanders, Belgium
Delicious Before
10 Feb 2025
Flanders Red-Brown Ale
Alcohol Percentage

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Rodenbach Brewery

Founded almost 200 years ago, the Rodenbach is a legendary Belgian family brewery that specialises in oak-aged, mixed-fermentation ales. The brewery was established by Pedro Rodenbach and his wife in 1821, but it was only until their grandson Eugène that Rodenbach started to produce the high-quality, unique, and flavourful beers we know today. The brewery has often been credited for popularising the Belgian sour beer - which is what it’s best known for. Rodenbach’s sours are not only highly-regarded by beer enthusiasts, but they are also constantly snatching up multiple beer awards and accolades!

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  • Sweet