"Wine is bottled poetry."

Wine is not only a great way to complement a good meal, it's also filled with health benefits, according to many research studies!

Wine is an alcohlic beverage made with the fermented juice of grapes. Technically, wine can be made with any fruit, but most wines are made with wine grapes. Wine grapes have become the standard for wines for two reasons. First, there is an acid found in grapes but not other fruits which preserve the juice for decades or even centuries. Second, there is a lot more sugar in grapes than other fruits and this helps produce stronger wines because almost all the sugar will be transformed into alcohol during fermentation.

Do also note that wine grapes are different than table grapes: they are smaller, sweeter and have lots of seeds. They also take an entire season to ripen and thus, wine is produced just once a year. This is where the term "Vintage" comes from: "Vint" stands for "Winemaking" and "age" implies the year it was made. So when you see a vintage year listed on the label, that's the year the grapes were picked and made into wine. 

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